Can I place outdoor screen over air vents on top of my amplifier vs. dust/hair entering?

Just wondering whether I can place outdoor screen material over amplifier air vents on top of my gear to prevent dust/hair from entering. Thank you!
Yes but some dust might still get through. I would go with duct tape.
I would give it a try, but get a feel for the operating temp before the screen and after to see what the actual difference would be. Enjoy the music
Bad idea it should be as it comes from the co.

Lots of models, these little fans are great!,
when I play for extended periods, these lil babies keep everything nice and cool.
Thanks! I don’t believe the screen has increased the operating temperature of my Gamut D200i.
Just thought it might help as we do get a good amount of dust, etc circulating here in FL, despite religious AC filter changes every 2 months. I realize some dust gets through but some circulating hairs etc do not. I like the fan idea as well.