Can I output DolbyTrueHD/DTS HD in 2.1 on PS3/OPPO

Can I output Dolby True HD/DTS HD in 2.1 on the PS3 through the RCA analogue outputs?

I have a 2.1 system, and don't intend to upgrade to 5.1/7.1 but would still like to get uncompressed sound when watching Blue-Ray movies/concerts. My stereo amp only has RCA analogue inputs.

If not possible on the PS3, is it possible on the OPPO BSD-83? Thanks for your help!
You can output 2.1 from the Oppo via 3 analog RCAs if you use the bass management in the Oppo. If your amp is stereo only, however, it can only accept 2.0 via analog, regardless of the source.

Thanks, 2.0 will be fine. Will it be uncomressed 2.0? Can I do the same on the PS3?
Hey Kal, if he uses the L & R front outs on the oppo will he get any voices from the movies which 90% of come from the center out on the uncompressed formats he is talking about using?
Yes, you will be able to output 2.0 PCM full resolution (up to 24/48 and maybe higher depending on the title and the player) over spdif and the analogue outputs of both the PS3 and Oppo player. The players will mix the 5.0 soundtrack down into 2.0 for output so all dialog and effects (other than LFE) will be included. The Oppo is said to have the best 2.0 mix down of all the Blu-Ray players out there.