Can I move speakers closer to sidewall if...

I treat the 1st reflection points? My room is not very wide (9") so right now I have my speakers positioned about 1.5" from the sidewalls measured from the tweeter. If I treat the 1st reflection points can I then move the speakers closer to the walls? In such a narrow room I am always looking to widening my soundstage.
How far away is your listening position and what is the actual room size. I assume u are listening nearfield.
I guess you mean 1.5'. Are they angled toward you? If so, try moving them a little closer together but point them straight ahead.
Tboooe - Regardless of whether you re-position your speakers - give the folks at GIK a call. I used Excel to diagram my room and emailed that to them for use during a phone call. They were very helpful with suggestions. I did purchase corner soffits and bass traps for the wall behind the speakers along with panels for the sidewalls. I'm thinking reduced reflections from sidewalls and from behind the speakers (not dissing the treatment I see in your system photos) might help widen your soundstage even without moving the speakers. If you do move the speakers, treatments will definitely help maximize any benefit you realize.
Move your chair closer will be the only solution. Also your speakers are very tall and they do need wider and larger room. According to your pictures, I see yourlistening position should be either standing or you can place bar stool instead of chair. In my experience forming the equalateral triangle is where you should begin and probably end.