Can I mount a Rega Arm on my Linn Basik turntable

I am now using a Basik Plus arm on the Linn Basik table. The mounting holes are drilled through the body of the deck. I would like to try a Rega RB250. Is this possible and if so how do I go about doing this? Thanks for assistance and input. Rick
Hi Rick,
the geometry is slightly different and chances are you would have to drill the body of the deck as the Rega sits further back.
I can't recall the exact effective lengths but think the holes would overlap. Using an armboard of sorts onto the toplate would then give you problems as the Rega sits quite low and has no vta adjustment.
You might get round this by using Pete Wriggles vtaf for the Rega.
I'll measure up a couple of Linn board and send you the detials.
Hello Simon74, thank you very much for your input. It is just the info I was looking for. I will not drill holes in the deck. I thought an arm broad might work, I would rather preserve the Linn's integrity for future upgrades in the world of Linn tonearms. Do any other manufactures make their mounting holes to match the Linn pattern? Thanks again Si. Rick
Hi Rick,
the only other arm I know that fits a linn cut-out perfectly is the old Mission 774 LC.
I have one of these and it's a way better made arm than any of the cheap Linn arms. No bearing issues and sounds very nice.
Some Kuzma arms fit the linn cutout and the effective length only differs by a couple of mm - they are mounted quite high - hard to explain but I had to use two mats to get the Kuzma Stogi level on my Sondek.
Even using and arm board you would have to device some way of attaching this without drilling holes.
Possibly you would be better looking to upgrade to a Sondek which would allow you to explore and benefit from better arms.
I'll ahve a look at my mates Basik and get back to you after easter.

mail me direct if you want more info