Can I leave my Tuner on 24/7?

It's because of logistics that I started leaving it on on the time. It's an inexpensive Onkyo, used for basic background-type listening. You know the deal. Any problems leaving it on? Thanks in advance my audiophool friends....warren
Should have no problems, as long as it is plugged into some sort of surge protection.

should have no problem unless it is one of those tuner that don't use LED's for the display and burn out after a while.
I leave everything except my TV, class A amps & multi channel amp (it has a trigger) on all the time. They are all on line conditioners. If I leave town, everything gets unplugged except the Battery Power Supply for my Rowland amp. Most modern solid state equipment runs relatively cool, and many engineers/techs say it's better to keep it at a steady temp. I agree, I've never had a component fail from this practice....
Yes, but listen to tuner turned on/off. Digital tuners have a nasty habit of throwing EMI/RFI onto the power line. If you hear degraded performance of other sources, chances are…… If you want to leave on 24/7, you may decide to invest in a audio specific power line conditioner utilizing a "isolation" technology.
Good point Beavis. Never thought of that. Neither did anyone elese, for that fact. I'll check it out. I don't think it's a problem, but I'll put my ears into high gear, just to make sure. Everything, but my sub are plugged into my Audio Magic Stealth.