can i improve my system with a better cd player?

I upgraded just about everything except my cd player. I just use my old sony dvp s7000 as my cd player. In the past I thought all cd player were the same until yesterday when I tried using my ps3 as the player. I instantly heard a big difference. Now I'm thinking I can actually improve my sound by buying a new player can someone recommend something under 500 buciks? I like buying used since my system is dated itself but it still sounds decent to me.
Yes a player and its either internal or external DAC will can make a big difference. Let us know the rest of your system and then it will be easier to recommend something synergistic.
The source is extremely important; it is the component that processes and amplifies the first stages of the music. Let us know what system context will be used so that we can help you make an informed (and highly opinionated ;-) decision.
Ok my receiver is a dsp-A1 with an ext power amp, b&k 200.5 running at 4 ohms so I should be pushing 375 watts though them. I also have an energy microstar at 1500 watts as a sub. The speakers are bi wired with some thick monster cables. 1000's I think?
I like all types of music. I really enjoy sampler type cd's like the kksf collection and demo cds companies put out to show off their gear.
Rotel RCD-1072, used around $400-$450. Excellent for the money.
can the rotel play dts music cd's?
How can you compare PS3 arcade sound ???
Of course!
I would advise a used --Quad CDP2 still crushes
all players in the 1000 dollar "new" bracket....check it out ...but must be cpd2 not the cdp...Blotto
You would be better off to buy a new stand alone DAC, with newer chipset, and use your existing disc spinner as a transport. I would suggest looking at a Musical Fidelity M1 DAC which I believe is just a bit above your budget at $600, but worth the stretch if you can make it. The plus, beyond just the sound, it the flexibility it will give you to expand into digital music.
I am a little confused. You mentioned playing DTS CD and DSP-A1. Would
that be the Yamaha DSP-A1? And are you using the CD player as a transport
and let the DSP-A1 do all the decoding? If my assumption is correct. You
don't really need something with a great analog output stage and my
suggestion will be an Oppo BDP-93 for $500 new.
Another vote for the Oppo BDP-93 universal player. I have the BDP-83 and it sounds good and is well built.
I'd choose some great universal DAC with 24-bit capability and USB vs. CD player that will be outdated and loose its value speedlight fast.
Check out the new Grace M903 with USB, 24-bit, headphone amp and preamp.
I'm not sure which machine is doing the decoding, either the sony S700 or the yamaha dsp-a1 but yes the sony is connected to the yamaha and then to the b&k amp.
What is a DAC? how is it different from a player?
stands for digital to audio convertor. turns digital data into analogue so your preamp/amp/speakers can make music. they are in cd/dvd/ipods/computers et al. usually they are less than wonderful so in the last decade many companies have been making better stand alone units for audiophiles. for a more definitive answer go to wickipedia. hope that helps
OK now i'm really confused. I read about the digital to analog conversion. So how I do I tell which of my two machines is doing the converting? Is it the sony or the Yamaha? I connected the sony to the yamaha via a toslink cable. With this said, can I benefit now if I buy a new cd player??
I bought a used Dacmagic for around $300 and it improved an older CD changer big time (digital out on the changer). My old but well made Marantz changer has a new lease on life.
I think I'm understanding this now, so a better CD player would only be better if I let it decode the music and then run the music thru my yamaha thru the EXT DECODER as a by pass straight to my amp?
Is this correct to assume. If i connect the cd player to my yamaha via RCA's, I am using the CD player to decode. If I connect the cd player via a toslink to the yamaha, I'm letting the yamaha decode??
Is yr Sony-7000 the old DVD player with the front face that slides down to reveal the drawer and buttons? If it is you should know that that particular unit was considered a giant-killer transport! I own one (not being used right now), I did some homework on the unit when originally purchased and it was very highly praised, especially if used with a Mietner DAC, but this was yrs ago. DAC might be the way to go, if not I'd opt for the Oppo.
You *might* be able to score an Oppo BDP-83SE for that money now. That unit had a VERY good analog 2-channel section. And, it gives you the ability to play ANY shiny disc available today...

I just scanned the Agon ads, there is an 83 available for $600. Stretch your budget by $100 and you will have a superlative player...

06-23-11: Monterey
Is this correct to assume. If i connect the cd player to my yamaha via RCA's, I am using the CD player to decode. If I connect the cd player via a toslink to the yamaha, I'm letting the yamaha decode??
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Yes, if you have only a Toslink connected, then the Yamaha is doing all of the D/A conversation and making your music.

If you use RCA only to the Yamaha, the player is making the music with its built in DAC.

If you have both connections (RCA and Toslink) used, that would depend on what you have it set to do.

In general, the DAC makes more of a difference than the transport (no DAC) used, unless the transport is of poor quality, or not working as it should
When thinking about which unit is doing the digital to analog conversion, think of it this way:

If the cable(s) connecting the player to the DSP-A1 are analog cables (RCA) the signal is analog and the player has already done the digital to analog conversion.

If the cable connecting the player to the DSP-A1 is digital (TOSLink or Coax) the signal has not been converted yet and is still digital. Therefore, the DSP-A1 MUST do the digital to analog conversion...

"can i improve my system with a better cd player?"

Sure thing. Buy a modest vinyl rig and you'll hear the difference vinyl brings to the plate. I've a so called 'hi end cd player'. I've also got 6 turntables. End of discussion.
Sure thing. Buy a modest vinyl rig and you'll hear the difference vinyl brings to the plate. I've a so called 'hi end cd player'. I've also got 6 turntables. End of discussion.

That ain't gonna help with his shiny discs, now is it?
now that i realized that my yamaha dsp-a1 is doing all the DAC, will the rotel improve my system if I connect it via RCA?
This is a painful purchase because I just counted how many CD players I already have in the house, NINE players! All I need is another one lol.
I couldn't tell you about that comparison. But, why not try the better of what you have, hook them up with both connections, and A/B each ones internal DAC against the Yamaha
DAC and see if any of them fit your needs. If one sounds a lot better, there's $500 for something else.
buy a new DAC.
Wow I just did the A\B comparison with the digital dac thru the yamaha and analog thru the cd player and the difference was incredible. The yamaha is far superior. Now I don't know if I would be upgrading or downgrading if I buy a new cd player...
I say FORGET CDs AND vinyl and hire live musicians to come over and play stuff. They're analog (mostly) and sound almost as good as a recording...and cheaper than good cables!...end of discussion.
Monterey, if you think the DAC in your Yamaha is superior, you will be shocked at what a newer DAC, stand alone, with the latest technology and higher BIT rates will sound like.

If you want improvement buy a stand alone DAC.

Look at Eastern Electric MiniDAC, Musical Fidelity M1DAC, or a used Bel Canto DAC 3.

You will get huge bang for your buck.
Garcia cracks me up yet again.

I say keep the Sony DVP S7000 sell the other CDPs you don't need/use and get an external DAC. At $500 you have a lot of options. Over $500 there are even more. To me 9 CDPs sitting around the house not in use isn't a good thing. Sell a bunch of them and take that money and add onto your $500 budget and get a DAC with a good quality Coax cable.
So it would go from the Sony S7000 to the new DAC and then to the yamaha?
Source (CD player, or other Digital Source) -> DAC -> Preamp -> amp -> Speakers.
so the cd player connects to the DAC via a toslink and then the dac to the preamp(yamaha) via RCA?
Who's on first?

06-25-11: Monterey
so the cd player connects to the DAC via a toslink and then the dac to the preamp(yamaha) via RCA?
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Yes, that's correct. Some also have a coaxial digital output that looks like a regular RCA line level cables(just one for stereo). If both have the RCA coaxial,plus Toslink, some like this(coax) as the preferred hookup, a lot of the time. The Toslink may be better for around TV's and other electronics that can cause electrical interference. This interference might cause something like harshness, or some other problem sound wise that you may not know, without doing an A/B between the two types of digital connection that are used. Also the quality of the DAC. A typical DAC that has been around for years, may just do CD's, and possibly two channel if your cable/satellite box if it has the proper output and settings. A DVD may not work through some of them(most likely in two channel) . A CD has only a 44.1 khz output. But some DAC's are capable of decoding more sources, that run at higher frequencies. I'm not up to date enough to give info for that. Google what you can, and ask here, and someone more up to date might be able to answer those questions. Also, if you use a coax digital cable(looks like regular RCA hookups), there are preferred lengths that work better. Someone else would give a better answer. I think mine is 1.5 meters, but can be wrong. The RCA type is made for digital, and using a regular RCA interconnect(for coax) like your using now, may not work right. I'll leave that for others. Wiki link for basic, and others might have better links. []
Some also have a coaxial digital output that looks like a regular RCA line level cables(just one for stereo).
Let me clarify. I mean one coax is used for multichannel/stereo, just like the one Toslink. If I made other errors, I hope they're found and get corrected by others.
Oops, try above link again. A little more info.[]
Your dating yourself Audiofeil .
That's a great Q, and sort of like asking if a great turntable, arm, and stylus may sound better than a good entry level turntable.

If you play disks through a PLAYER with DAC's (transports don't have DAC's), the PLAYER's DAC's produce analog signals. Now, they need to be converted back to digital in your processor, then, recoverted back to analog with the pro's DAC's. That process can sound funny and washed out.

This re-explains a couple members recommendations for additional clarity. I would recommend determining your best audio TRANSPORT connections first by reading both the CD players' and processors' manuals or calling them, then, connect your player as a strict transport. That bipasses the player's internal DAC's and sends pure digital signals to your pro.

Read the components spec sheets and look for required input and output specs. These technical specs need to match between your transport and pro for the best sound.

System-matching components together seems to be the holy grail in digital sound.

I use a separate system-matched transport for redbook, DTS, HDCD's, etc., and a OPPO 981 for multi-channel music and videos only.

For less than perfectly system-matched components, I've had the best results using glass optical digital cables. Optical cables bipass some technical sheet recommendations for wire connections. A glass optical cable may be best for your current CD player when set-up in the strict transport mode - again, read the tech sheets recommendations. You'll have to AB-test the digital cables and connections for comparison. I like Van Den Hul glass cables very much.

A great system-matched transport for redbooks, DTS, HDCD, etc., is hard to beat. I had to buy one myself to believe it.
buy a good cd player at reasonable cost looking for best transport (like cambridge) and spend loot on good outboard dac
If i get a dac, will my yamaha be my bottle neck??
I don't think so. Your current player will act as a transport and send data to the external DAC for processing. So long as you use the analog outputs of whatever DAC you choose and the analog inputs of your Yamaha you'll be ok. The Yamaha's DAC will be bypassed. Also check to see if your Yamaha has a direct mode or something along those lines. I had some Pioneer and Onkyo receivers that have a button you can press so a lot of video/digital functions and even the display will be turned off and the only the analog sections are used.