Can I hear from some Emerald Physics Cs3 owners

I have owned a pair of EP cs3 for about two months along with a pair of Omega subs..Best speaker system I have ever had! I have had a long list(magnepan smg,mg12,mg1.6,Zu Essence,Omega alnico 8s,on and on...The EPs do it all and more! My question is(why isn't there more people going crazy over these speakers)
Sorry, I guess not =:0~
I bet the whole DSP thing scares away many 'philes. I've been intrigued since I read REG's review in TAS.
A friend of mine had a pair and we compared them to two pairs conventional speakers in the 4K price range. We both heard nothing to particularly distinguish the EPs, except that they were more of a PITA to deal with because of the DSP and all. They sounded good, but so did the others. I guess if you want to spend time tweaking the crossovers instead of listening to music, the EPs are a good choice.
That surprises me that you say that about the dsp..The presets make the setup a snap..Also the speakers really shine with a fast sub..They have a setting in the behringer for one or two subs that make it real easy to setup..less than 5 minutes..
Had the CS-2 for a while. They are initially impressive as they do the controlled directivity thing very well, almost as good as the Geddes designs. However, they lack detail due to the cheap compression driver. I went to Martin Logans for much better transparency and detail in the music.

If you are happy with the Emerald's that is all that matters.
Grege...I agree with what you said about being happy..I have also owned a pair of Martin Logan speaker(SL3s)I loved them..Thank God I'm not married to my gear(I would really be broke)It's all about the music and having fun!These speakers are doing it for me...Once again the Omega subs from Louis gave these speakers the magic that I hear..