Can I HANG my QUAD 57's?

Is this sacrilege? I have a pair of QUAD 57's. Which I love. But the way my place is set up it would be REALLY nice if I could hang the Quads from the ceiling instead of having them on the floor. They could hang quite's just that there are other things that I would like to have on the floor space below where I would hang the speakers. (like a sub or potential pair of subs, but that's the subject of my next thread) My work room is quite large (27 x 24, but the listening area is concentrated in primarily one corner, and the quads would be about 15 feet away (from my ears to the middle of the speaker at hanging height) I would estimate the DOWN angle at about 17-20 degrees.

Is this a ridiculous idea or feasible? What will it do to the sound. Intuitively it seems possible....especially with electrostats vs. boxes, but......I just don;t know. It will be QUITE an effort to get them up there I want to find out if others have already gone this route.

The system....(work in progress...but I am pretty happy all around...)

Manley NEO-classic 300B's
Tektron SET pre-amp (not yet arrived)
Lafayette KT-600 Pre-amp currently in use (for sale in the classifieds if you are interested)
Musical Fidelity CD player
Musical Fidelity x-10D doohickey
Musical Fidelity X-PSU power supply
Monarchy DIP 24/96 Newest version (ordered this morning!!)
Quad 57's
Cables are Wasatch and Kimber
IC's are Wasatch and Tara Labs
Cones all around
This is what the actress Faye Dunaway does with her stacked QUADs.

Alos, try handing your electronics.
If you must...
you would have to find a way to couple them to the ceiling - just like you need to couple them to the floors - in order to avoid smearing (think about a pair of "self-propelled" sails). Not to speak about safety issues. It's not impossible, but implementing such a ting properly (metal frames, perhaps?) would involve an effort that raises the question whether it's really worth it.
Good luck
You have my permission to hang your Quads.
The best sound I ever heard was from Magnepans hung in chains high off the floor from a cathedral ceiling half way into a very large room.
As one audio salesman remarked "Magies in Bondage...I love it"
The PA system in the chapel of my English "public" school used a pair of Quad ESL 57's on shelves high up on the wall. They just stood there on the shelves. Pretty good sound... although all they ever reproduced was the minister's voice.


Hang 'em High!