Can I go wrong with Stillpoint Ultra Mini anti-vibration isolation feet?

I am researching what anti vibration isolation feet to add to my components. I came across a Galen Carol article which compared and rated various isolation devices. The Stillpoints rated the highest among isolation feet with at 9 out of 10 rating. If purchased used I could afford Stillpoints bottom of the line Ultra Minis for my Marantz KI Ruby CD/SACD player and Luxmann L507u Mk2 integrated amp. Maybe later some more for my Shunyata Hydra Denal 6000/S power conditioner. Do you think these would be a good choice for my system in their price range of maybe $350 or more a set used.

If it makes a difference the rest of my system is a VPI Classic 2 turntable with an Ortofon 2M Black cartridge, and a pair of Magico A3 speakers. The components are sitting on built into the wall shelves. The top shelf for the CD player and turntable is a slab of marble floating on a cushion of that rubbery shelf liner you can use for kitchen drawers, which is on a floating slab of 3/4" Baltic Birch plywood on another piece of shelf liner over a fixed 3/4" plywood shelf. The integrated amp is on the middle shelf similarly designed but without the marble level. The bottom shelf, the same as the middle has the power conditioner and my DISH box for watching TV.

So what do you think? Would the Stillpoints be a good choice or should I be looking elsewhere and why. Again I’m only looking for feet, not shelves or platforms. I’m sure some of you have some experience with these devices and could help guide me along as I’ve none. Thank you for your thoughts and I'd appreciate your advice.

Below are some of the more affordable higher rated isolation feet I’ve been taking a look at from the Galen Carol list along with his 1-10 rating on each. The Stillpoints are a bit more pricey, but have the highest rating, so maybe are worth the extra investment. The full list is at

Aurios Classic- Roller Ball (8)

Pro Max- Roller Ball (7)

Decouplers- Roller Ball (5)

Black Diamond Racing (BDR) Cones- Rigid (5)

Clear Audio Magix- Other (7)

Daruma IIIi- Roller Ball (7)

DH Cones- Rigid (7)

Isolation Bearings- Roller Ball (7)

Finite Elemente Ceraball- Roller Ball/Other (7)

Cerapuc- Roller Ball/Other (8)

Gingko Mini Clouds- Viscoelastic (8)

Marigo Small Cones- Rigid (6)

Reference- Rigid (6)

Stillpoints- Other (9)

Symposium Rollerblocks - Roller Ball (8)

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critical mass systems have recently started offering footers in addition to their racks.  These are called 'center stage'.  CS2 for short.

It is not possible to make A/B comparisons with these as they sound horrible for 2-3 weeks.  At the end of that period you realise that what you are hearing is magic.  

Read the reviews.  It's all true. I am currently on my fourth set and going for more. 

By the way, it is not necessary to get rid of older footers.  I find it's quite often beneficial to stack new ones on top of older ones, if the form factor allows it.  If not interspersing a layer of marble or granite tile will do the trick. 

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If you have $350, buy them and try them. 
You are vibrating my feet with such a question.


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Lol,  too much coffee-- should be
Chorus, I am in the process of learning about these anti-vibration devices, and trying to figure out who the top players are in and around my price point, before making a purchase. I think from the recommendations given here, and after some research I've thus far gotten it narrowed down to a top three choices of the Stillpoint Ultra Minis, the Ingress Audio Rollerblocks, and the IsoAcoustic Oreas I'm looking online for some more side by side comparisons tonight.

I also need to figure out why the Ingress Version 3 Rollerblocks cost over double the Version 2's when they appear to be almost the same other than color and height. If anyone know please share this info. Thanks.

Aubreybob, I'll read up on the CS2's you mention. Thanks for the recommendation.

Anyone out there who has any thoughts on Stillpoint Ultra Minis versus the Ingress Audio Rollerblocks Version 2 or 3 versus the IsoAcoustic Oreas please chime in. Your input would be appreciated.