can I get your input on a inexpensive pre-amp

Could I please get some input on a pre-amp under 1k. I am thinking tube but maybe your experience can share differently. What I would like is a pre that very slightly deviates from neutral in 2 ways-It is slightly soft in the tweeter frequencies, adds just a hint of body(for instance on voices you recognize more of the body of the person, or on guitar you hear more of the body of the instrument). I would like it to do this with the least rounding off things so I don't lose the natural snap of sounds that give life to the music. I know neutral is somewhat subjective so use your baseline for neutrality and maybe give the context of that. Those that have experience with something like this could you share what you think. With all the pres out there I could probably be going in circles trying to check everyone's suggestions out so if this could be limited to your first hand knowledge I would really appreciated it. Thanks
Try the Quicksilver. you should be able to buy a used line with remote for less than $1,000
You might want to take a look at a Tube Audio Design TAD- 150 Signature, which can be had used for about $800-$850. It is tube based with a pair of 12AU7 or 12AT7s, has a phonostage, 3 rca inputs, dual pre outputs, HT bypass, and remote control. It has a lot of the sonic signature you are looking for.
But you are right there are a lot of pres out there to consider.
Jperry thank you.
Newbee I would like to stay around 1,000.00. If you click on my system you will see I am using a belles 150 v2 reference.
Quicksilver is a good reco, I'm also very happy with a VAC Auricle preamp that I picked up used for $1050, and it has a real nice phono stage built in.
Many have felt the Mapletree Audio preamp is a great bargain. Also, I would look at the Decware preamps or a used AES/Cary.
I think the Manley Jumbo Shrimp is just what you may need. Snappy ,lively and neutral, but a hint of fullness,tube magic and fullness. Usually see them used between $1200-$1600. Also outstanding build quality.
I see an AES DJH in the classifieds for $800 which is a good price. I owned one for several years and was extremely happy with it. It has a beautiful midrange. I had it connected to a Belles 150A. AES is a Cary design so you have someone to turn to if anything goes wrong.
Wow. Thank you for all your suggestions. It gives me plenty to check out. Thanks a lot.
For tubes you can probably find one of the Marsh, BAT, Manley, or Dodd pres in your budget used.
You will get tons of opinions on this issue. But for my money a used joule electra would be the way to go.
I used the Dodd and it was close to my custom LDR (light dependent resistor) preamp, which is really as good as anything I've ever heard. I've compared the LDR (based on the Lightspeed design but with multiple LDR inputs) to a few other preamps beside the Dodd and in my system it betters everything up to the ARC Ref series. There's a new LDR preamp I saw on 6 Moon from a company called Tortuga Audio. Might be worth seeing if they have a return policy. LDRs are popping up in the highest priced units from companies like Constellation so you know the technology is good. I think as it trickles down everyone will be using them.
I agree with Kbuzz. A used Joule Electra LA100 III would be a great 'used' tubed pre-amp. And, I think, does most every thing you want.
Thanks Dhcod and Newbee.
I have a Lightspeed (I have had many other pre's) in my older system and still in this one. I will agree that it is the best pre that I have used period. But their is a good amount of music that I would like to deviate a bit from neutral. It will be in my system for certain music, the Lightspeed will be in it most of the time. I really appreciate the Joule recommendation. I see one on the 'gon so I am going to give that real consideration. Thanks again for all the suggestions.