Can I get suggestions for a tube preamp please?

Hi Folks,
I have a PS Audio Classic 250 SS amp & I am considering the purchase of a tube pre-amp & would appreciate suggestions. I prefer listening to Rock & Roll music but I'm not picky unless it's country music.

A Home Theatre Bypass would be necessary & balanced outputs because I integrate my two channel setup with my Home Theatre. I don't have a turntable, so I only need this for my CD player, currently a Sony s9000es. Can I find something very good to fit with my system in the $1,500 range?
I forgot to mention that my speakers are Legacy - Focus 20/20's.
I really enjoy my Rogue 99 Magnum. Coming up on one year and my appreciation grows. It ia very flexible with many other amps. I think Rogue can configue it with the HT bypass but do not think the balanced outputs are an option.

Good Luck.
One more item. I really love my P300 & would like to continue to use it with my pre-amp if possibe.
A Sonic Frontiers Line 1 would fit the bill. Linestage only, HT bypass, single ended and balanced inputs and outputs, fantastic remote. You should be able to find one used within your budget.
The Sonic Frontiers Line 1 has all the features you want and is available for <$1500., but only used as they are now out of production. Service through SF is not a problem though if needed. I use the Line 1 for both 2 channel music and in my "sort of" HT system, and I can highly recommend it. The Line 1 is neutral/accurate rather than euphonic. Good Luck. Craig
Everyone knows that I am partial to the Sonic Frontiers...
It is a great piece! The SF 1 is worth the money! It would definately be a worthy piece for your system!!
Good luck,
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Blue Circle BC21.1

I'm on board with the Sonic Frontiers.
I can ditto the SF but throw in a few more bucks and open up that sound stage and send a very clean strong signal to your SS amp,,,, go for the Line 3,,,, you like Rock,,, do the Line 3 with that monster of a power supply with dual core 26 stage of regualtion. Use the best pair of tubes in the first gain stage and Rock the house down with those 20/20 Focus,,,,, if your thinking of a SF add the few bucks more and go with the Line 3,,, definitly go for the Line 3, it's a monster with that out board Power Supply,,, that's not only a power supply,,, it's a fully blanced dual core differential full blown power conditioner using top shelf parts suppling good strong regulated clean power to a 12 tube pre amp. It opens up that stage and the bass is strong tight deep and quick. The Line 3 has a low output imp and will work great with your SS amp even if using a long bal IC. Use the best cable you can afford and Rock in style. The Line 3 has everything your looking for and is the best preamp SF made besides going with the Line 3se which SF will upgrade any Line 3 too. The Line 3 is up there and was a bargin at it's 5k retail price. Just use the best tubes you can find in the first gain stage. It runs very hot so make sure you allow plenty of air space. Do not place it in a tight rack it needs open air. It will increase your electric bill too. It's a hot rod and will mate very well with the rest of your gear.
Hi It's mikec again,,,, I forgot to mention and it's important. If you do go with a SF Line 3 it is important that you DO NOT USE your PS 300 power conditioner. You can use the PS 300 for the source components but not for a SF Line 3 preamp. The Line 3 already has a regulated power conditioner (power supply). Just want you to be aware of that. You can contact SF and PS Audio on this one. The BAT's are also very good and will fit your requirments but maybe out of the price range. CJ is also good but are NOT Balanced. For your budget a few more (500 to 1000 more YIKES)dollars the Line 3 is your ticket. You have a nice system and the Line 3 is the preamp for your gear. The BAT's are also very good but going to cost even more. Good Luck with what ever you choose.
Blue Circle BC21.1. Superb! you like the Line 3?? :)
Thanks for all the responses, I've had some suggestions that were emailed to me from Audiogon members & I appreciate it. I've been looking into all the suggestions but I'm leaning toward a Sonic Frontiers Line 3.
Has ananyone here owned a either a SFL 1, SFL 2, and/or a SFL 3 to give a comparison between them?

Let me ask you guys another question. For those of you that have owned both tube & SS pre-amps, has your preference changed between the two types or have you pretty much picked one or the other and stuck with it?
I recently switched from SS to a tube preamp - Kora Eclipse. No regrets! All types of music sound great. Increased my soundstage considerably while maintaining
detail. There's a modified one for sale on Agon now. If you buy it, you won't be disappointed. It has what you're
looking for - HT bypass, truly balanced outs, and a remote
that controls source as well as volume. Only problem is that you need to use a remote all the time - there are no
controls at the box - other than volume. Doesn't bother me.