can I get some opinions - bass on magnepan mg20.1

can another audiogoner give me experienced opinions of the bass on the 20.1's - I just got a new pair and have been breaking them in, but I have no bottom end to speak of. It sounds like the woofers are 5-6db behind (lower output)the midrange and tweeter ribbons. I have tried many room positions and equipment changes no drastic changes result in the bottom end. equipment is a BAT pre;MC501's; and a Marantz SA7S1 CD. Help I'm going nuts - you should not have to try hard to like and listen to your system.

Thanks for your response. Greg.
I had the same concern when I bought a new pair of 3.6's a few years ago, but they opened up and developed a rich, full bass within 200 hours or so. Partly it was a matter of adjusting to tighter, less-bloaty bass than I was used to hearing from cone woofers, but the Maggies absolutely got bigger and better all over as they broke in.
Magnepans, and their bass response, are usually extremely sensitive to room positioning. A slight change could completely alter your experience if you get it just right, so you may want to keep working at that. (Check the Magnepan site... I think they have placement recommendations.)

I upgraded to a new power cord on my Spectron amp, which opened up the bass considerably. (It was a DCCA Extreme Reference.) World of difference, with much more slam and authority.

I used to share the same point of view - that the speakers needed more bass - and went so far as to hook up my 5.1 system's subwoofer. But with a few changes, I found that I no longer needed it at all.
I've got 20.1's as well, and I don't find they are lacking for bass. When I listen to music that has bass, it is really there. When I listen to bass shy music, I am offering wondering where is the bass. They are great at presenting whatever is there.

I am also bi-amping, and that made the speakers quite a bit more dynamic and open.

Best, Peter

PS - ultimately, you'll want to get a pair of Mye stands for your Maggies. That will clean up the bass considerably. But it sounds like you are still in break-in mode (I bought mine used and didn't have that problem).
I bought mine used also and had to make several adjustments. First I went into my pre/pro and reset the bass so that the crossovers were sending more bass to the maggies and less to the subwoofer. Second, I got the interconnects and speaker cables off the floor and on to some very professional upside down yogurt containers (it really did help). Third, I have ordered the Mye Stands and last, if I can afford it, will change power cords on the Krell Amps as another contributer mentioned above. I worked quite a while with placement also but the other changes made the biggest difference. The 20.1s can handle a LOT of bass which is usually drained off into the sub. My sub is boomy but the Maggies are quite clear and tight. Hope it helps
I owned the MC501's with several inefficient speakers and found them lacking in current capability...aka, not very balsy! Krell amps would do better.
Unquestionably, if you were to bi-amp as Peter_s is doing you would get great results. I read not to long ago that if you are bi-amping with unmatched amps (different watt outputs) you should put the highest wattage amp on the mid and tweeter side, not the bass as I always thought. Of course bi-amping the 20.1s will require a set of electronic crossovers. I have the stock standard crossovers that come with the Maggies - doesn't work for bi-amping. I consider that a stroke of good luck though - don't have to buy two more amps!!!!
1. Check out the MUG at Audio Asylum. Tons of hepl there.
2. Wyred4Sound amps have the speed and authority that Maggies need
3. As an alternative to custom stands, get tie down (see AA for this info- HiOnFi)and wrap completely around the top of the speakers and under the OEM stands. Then add Herbies Big Fat Dots
Also Behringer makes inexpensive active OXs. Scott Endler modifies them. YOur could also get 2 Behringer CX3410s run them in mono for each side when you bi/triamp
Thank you all for your ideas. I believe the 20.1's need to break in more, Mye stands seem like they might help. I will try out different room placements and equipment combos. I would LOVE to biamp these. Again, thanks for taking the time to post your ideas!

Best regards,