Can I get some Love for Thiel CS 2.2s?

Yo. Fellow goners,
I would love to know what you drive your 2.2s with, how long you've owned them, and if your as stoked with them as I am.
Later on,
The Fowl

I had the 2.2's for a year or so and powered them with a McCormack DNA-0.5 Deluxe. I thought it was a great combination, the Thiels definitely need an amp with some reserve power to take advantage of how dynamic they can be.
What did you replace them with...out of curiosity?
At one point I had mine powered by the DNA 0.5, and it was a "real nice" sound.
A good tube amp (Music Reference for example) with, at least, 100 watts, is a good match. Thiels detail and be a bit bright and can be tamed with the right amp without sacrificing that detail.

I replaced them with ProAc Studio 150's and a subwoofer. I needed speakers that dominated the space a little less, both sonically and physically.
Disregarding the physical characteristics between the 2.2 and 150's, what are the big sonic differences:
1) Sound stage dimensions, and center fill
2) Sense that harmonics are true (ie one big part to the musicality factor)
3) Midrange -- one of my favorite things about this particular Thiel
4) Dynamics -- can you feel the impression of the sonic texture more or less or maybe equal?

I have been interested in Pro Ac's for quite some time, and though I am very happy with the 2.2s (IMHO I honestly don't think that the 2.3 or 2.4 have add any extra value over the 2.2) I am at the point where I am willing to try something else.

Thank you
I don't know if I can answer precisely enough to be of any help but from my experience the ProAcs had a more well-defined placement of the instruments and voices so that the sound stage seemed more realistic and deeper, more three-dimensional.

The ProAcs are legendary for their mid-range and that has been true for me for both pair of ProAcs I've owned. That's especially noticeable with vocals. The Thiel's are certainly more of a full-range speaker and more true to the sonic texture of larger-scale music.

They're both very good speaker brands, though very different from each other. Ultimately, the reason I chose the ProAcs over the Thiels is that I was able to more easily forget about the speakers and just hear the music but I did sometimes miss the excitement of the Thiels.