Can I get some info on the Onix CD-3?

I hear it is another company's $3500 player, but NO where can I find what company/player that is. I can not find ONE review on the internet. I have checked the specs. and they look good but I need a little more info before I drop some cash.
All Onix products are from you may contact them for more info. Cheers.
I don't believe it is anybodys 3500 dollar player, But do know onix is the one built that is used as the music hall 1000.00 dollar unit.. Or Maybe it is musical fidelitys player... Its one of those companies.
One of the Onix players is supposedly the same player as a $3500 MBL player. I'm not sure it's the CD-3, but it may be.


Specs are pretty similar between the Onix and MBL, although the depth of the cabinet is different and the front panel layout is a bit different as well. Finding user or press reviews on the CD-3 is a challenge, even looking on the AV123 web site. If anyone sees one, please post!
I am really leaning towards buying this unit. The only thing I am basing this on is the description/specs on Underwood Wally's Classfied for his modified unit. The cosmetics and the 3 year warranty make it even more appealing. Not to mention you can get a 30 day trial from AV123.

Send an e-mail to Walter (Underwoodwally). I think he is still affiliated with the folks at AV123. He may be able to share with you the origins of the Onix player and tell you which big dollar player shares the same platform.

Of course, you have to realize that Walter may stand to gain from your purchase of the Onix, so consider that in your choice. However, I've bought several items from Walter over the years and he's always been very helpful when I've asked him questions.

The 30 day trial makes it an easier decision. Buy, try, keep or return. Easy enough......

MBL platform
Any more info re the CD3 from Onix ?
I'm considering buying one...3=4 years after these posts :)