Can I get deeper bass from my 890c Boleros?

I have these Altecs hooked up to a marantz 2270.My main sources are an Onkyo DX 220 cd changer,a Sony PS FL1 drawer
style tt.Also sometimes use my Panasonic F86 dvd changer thru the 2270 too.
So,I really like my Boleros.Recently had them re-capped and had moretite applied in place of the turned to dust foam seals.The controls were de-oxed as well.
They sound great on everything,Berlin school em,jazz,rock,doo wop,etc.....
I've read adding weight to the passives will lower system
resonance resulting in a better bottom end.
Any suggestions?
A better place for classic Altec speaker advice is the Altec Lansing Heritage forums. That's where you'll find all the Lansing fanatics and experts. The main Lansing Heritage site has a lot of information about Altec, Lansing, and JBL classics.

Ask your question over there and I'm sure you'll get exactly what you need to know in no time.
Not knowing any more about the 890c Bolero than what you just posted, I presume they have a passive radiator.

Lowering the tuning frequency of a passive radiator will not necessarily give you a "better" bottom end. It will re-shape the speaker's low-end frequency response, typically raising the -3 dB point but making the rolloff more gradual. This may or may not be a net improvement; depends on what the in-room frequency response was to begin with.

Thanks for the replies guys.Duke,what you're saying could be worth trying for.A more gradual rollo0ff sounds reasonable since I'm not expecting thunderous subwoofer type performance here,just a firmer bottom end.
Now,to figure a way to do it.
Place a large baffle round loudspeaker. Altec did this on many theater models.
Sounds interesting.What would this baffle be constructed from?
run them with a powered sub. submitted by: capt. obvious. i recapped mine, couldn't hurt.
Plywood 3/4in or 1 in