Can I find audiocable for Empire 598 II turntable?

Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me. I am needing to find a replacement audio cable for my Empire 598 II Troubador turntable. The only source I was previously given was s person on Ebay. This individual is no longer selling them at this time. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I made a balanced phono cable for an old Empire arm by taking a pair of balanced cables and dissecting the female connectors. The female pin clips fit the male posts in the base of the arm. I suspect that you could acquire some XLR female clips and solder them onto single ended cable ends if you that is what you need. The clips will be slid on one at a time, instead of all at once with multi pin connector. You will have to ID the pins in the arm base. Apply heat shrink to the clips as required. Possibly Ralph at Atmasphere may have an original cable left over from a table that he rebuilt?
Thanks Mrderrick, I not that experience with making or modifying audio material such as phono cables, so I'm going to follow your suggestion and post my question to Ralph at Atmasphere. Hopefully, this will get me some help.
If you feel like paying $1700, Zu Audio sells silver wire replacement cables for the Empire (see their ad on Ebay.) Gulp. I used to own a 598 and while it was a great vintage table I can't imagine who'd spend that kind of money for recabling a thirty year old table?
Photon46, I totally agree. I'm going to keep looking around and hope I get lucky.
I have a spare Empire original tone arm cable that i will part with..
What did you want to pay for one