Can I expect to pay full retail for a new system?

In six months I plan to make some major purchases of new equipment that are each in the $10k range or above. Do dealers discount this kind of stuff? I want to do my homework before I venture into a store.

Krell, Audio Research, Magepan ect., When these mfgs show a retail price of say, $10k, is that what the dealer will stick to? On a $10k listed product, is there an unwritten window of say, $1k that the dealer will reduce his price to? Do dealers generally lower their prices for a sale?

I purchased an Audio Research PH5 a year ago at full price, and at the time, it never occurred to me attempt to negotiate a lower price.

Does audio etiquette allow for initiating a discussion of a lower price with the dealer....or is this uncool.

Your comments will be appreciated...thanks.......mitch
Any dealer is more likely to give discounts to NICE people. In fact, it is enjoyable to give the nice guy a good deal. He is the exception to the rule that makes keeping a bricks and mortar store worthwhile.

Keep in mind that on very high end equipment there is usually a lower profit margin for the dealer. He is not often able to give the same % discount on those items.

If you prove to be a straightforward and honest guy to deal with, most (good) dealers will OFFER a discount of some sort een if it is just to cover the sales tax. Just remember that there are any number of tire kickers that shop the store every day who are ready to "pull the trigger" that same day so that they can get a good price. The dealer knows that some of these same guys will not buy, and come back months latter expecting the same discount on something retailing for 1/10th of what they were initialy interested in.

If you treat any retailer with the same level of respect you would expect there is lots of room for manuvering. Too many people simply expect to buy at cost. These are the bain of every retailers existance and the people for whom a very special corner of Heck has been reserved.

Good luck!
Dealers will discount. The better you can negotiate the better the discount.

Here is what I do. I see what I can get an item for on Audiogon. Then I go into the dealer and say "Look I can get this for X used. I want to buy it from you new though but I only want to pay this." Now you can start negotiating and the dealer knows that you are informed. Keep in mind too that a lot of this stuff is marked up anywhere from 40% to 60%. There is room in the price for discounts.
30% discount on a product that has a 40% margin?
I want to live in the country that this kind of windfall profit will sustain a business! Might as well start washing dishes; much better reward vs efforts ratio.
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