Can I ever stand to listen to our system again

My beloved wife died tonight at age 57. Every piece in the system was acquired after we listened to it, together. The audition of the Tidals last year was the culmination of that audio togetherness. I don't know whether I will ever be able to listen to it again.
Play a smooth soul ballad for her tonight.
Sincere condolences, Karelfd...
My condolences for your loss Karel. Music soothes the soul and I beleive your wife would have agreed being a fellow audiophile herself. Play a few of your favourate ballads yourself when your ready and allow the healing to begin, god bless thru this difficlt time.
I wish you all the strength you will need, and courage my friend.

When we come to such serious turning points in life, few things can provide real support. I think music is one of them. You MUST bring yourself to listen and overcome the grief...

I won't say solace; I believe nothing but your own strength and friends and family can help here.

And maybe she will be listening to the music too, from different world...
I have no idea who you are, but my prayers go out to you and your family.

I wish you Peace, Love and Strength.
She would want you to continue listening, I'm sure.

A friend of mine lost his son to a drowning accident at the lake many years ago. He loves to go to the lake more than anything. He says in a way it brings him close to his lost son.

My sympathy is with you.
God Bless.
I am so sorry to hear of your immense loss. I cannot imagine what you must be feeling right now.

With respect to your question, realize that it may not be the best time to consider the future of your audio system, especially if it turns out to be a powerful way to continue sharing the music with your wife. Just take care of yourself, and when the time is right, listening to your system could be exactly what soothes you most.
The same thing happened to me a few years ago. It may be difficult to understand today, but time is your best friend.

Find comfort in your friends and relatives.

I'll have a good thought for you; email me if you wish to chat. I wish you all the best.
Take comfort in knowing she's in a better place.
My sincere condolences.
The love she had for the music and times you shared together will live on with you every time you sit down and enjoy the system she helped build. Remember the good times and know that she is smiling down upon you even now.

My sincerest good wishes go out to you...

My condolences.

As other members have already stated, take comfort that your wife is in a better place and that she would not want you to deny yourself something that gave the both of you pleasure.

God bless.
Thanks for sharing. I constantly remind myself that time together with spouse and children is fleeting and each moment must be treasured (even the inevitable disagreements, difficulties). Very cold miserable stormy days should also be embraced for the contrast and feelings they bring compared to better sunny days.

Hopefully time will heal and the sun will return after the winter.
I lost my wife when she was 33. In this season I remember her with much thanks for the time we had together, and those things we did together.
I still do, going to the opera, musicals, eating out, being with friends and family and am thankful for all we had and for how much she gave to my life. I do not believe we ever get over the loss of a loved one BUT we do learn how to go on and let the love continue to flow.
May you learn to enjoy and remember the times both past and present.
With sincere condolences and hope for your future
My deepest condolances to you. I cannot imagine the depth of your loss. I know too well that there is little anyone can say to make things any better. I lost my father this past May. For me friends and family have been a great comfort and support. As far as music, and the many things you may have shared with your wife, I'd doubt very much if she'd want you to stop enjoying them in her absense. I understand how they may remind you of your connection, and be difficult to enjoy at this point. Let it be for now. It will come to you, whatever it is you need to do, but do give it time. Everyone is different. I can tell you that, for myself, music, and many things I ordinarily enjoy, have not been the same for me this past year. Everything changes, and this kind of loss affects you in ways you don't even realize. Give it time. Keep your strength.

God bless and my condolences to your tragic loss.

Family, friends and time are on your side.
Karel, we do not know each other but know we have all suffered immense loss in our lives. You will still share an intimate moment with her every time you play some of her favorite music. May you find some inner peace.

My deepest sympathy to you, Karel. I certainly hope you will find a way to listen to music again. Some good reading for you if you feel like it. Heaven by Randy Alcorn. There is no reason to believe that we will not have our stereo systems in Heaven and our loved ones.
Karel, I'm terribly sorry to hear of your loss. There are many places to take comfort. Systems are a poor substitute for people, but there is still comfort in the music you love.

In the last year I lost two friends,one of them being my father. Ultimately we learn that even though death is painful for those of us left behind, everyone dies. BUT death cannot take from us the joy of shared years and memories. I miss my dad, but I won't let the memory of that day rob me of a lifetime of happy occasions. You and your wife shared a lot of good times. Those are what you will keep as the pain subsides.

Gods peace to you...
So sorry for your loss. Keep listening and be glad of the things you shared together, such as the enjoyment your system provided for you both. It may even sound a little better now as she will be singing to you through it. That system is something to hold dear as will be her memory.

Now there is another Angel in Heaven and you know her name. Take care
Please put on her favorite music and sit quietly and think of her. My deepest and sincerest condolences on your loss.
Karel- So sorry for your loss. Keep friends and family close. May God Bless You.
I am sorry for your loss Karel. I pray the music and your love for her will live on in harmony and provide you and others that loved her some comfort in her absence.
While i'm sorry for your loss, I think that your wife would want you to remember the good times that you had together. Obviously, you loved each other very much and the fact that she was willing to work with you in picking out your system components tells us that she was a rare woman. Don't blame your system or turn away from the joy of music for your loss, but instead, use them both to help you through this tough time. After all, you picked out the components together, so you still have a reminder of the times that you and your wife spent enjoying both your system and music together.

Best wishes and God Bless... Sean
I am sorry for your great loss.
May you gain added strength from all the sympathetic postings by everyone. You are in all our thoughts as you go forward, and one way to honor the memory of your beloved wife is to enjoy what you both shared together.
Slowly, at first, and then more over time, I hope you can listen for both of you.
Your extended audio family is always as near as an email when you want to reach for support from an understanding bunch.

My condolences to a fellow Audiogonner. Please remember, music is one of the ways that will heal the heart and soothes your soul. Your wife will definitely want you to continue this hobby which the both of you enjoyed together.

Keep listening and this will help you cherrish the moments you have spent together.
Imagine if you had fought over every purchase and never got to say you are sorry.
Soon you will be able to play her favorite peice of music and smile.

My sister died this spring. I drive by her house on the way to work. Her car is parked there. At first her absence will make you sad. Eventually her memory will make you happy.
My sincere sympathies. It sounds as if you shared a passion for music with your wife, and cherished your time together. May your family, friends, good memories, and music bring you some peace.
I believe your wife would want for you to honor her memory by enjoyment of the music you shared. Perhaps not in the near future but at some point in time. My sincere condolences for your loss.


Karel, You have my sincere condolences for your loss. Please remember that she will always live on in your heart, in your memories and whenever you do play music on the system you shared together. Godspeed,

So sorry to hear of your loss Karelfd.
I'm sorry to hear of your loss.

I wish you the best in going forth to find peace and comfort in this world.
Dearest friends,
Thank you so much for your kind words, I sense Rosemary's gratefulness to you over the support you're giving me in these days of darkness.
Thank you.
Dear Karel; While most all we can offer has nothing to do with the real world;---You must look at yourself as having been blessed.With the divorce rate being what it is---most have never had what you had. Guys like me only wish we had;---So,again,you have to look at yourself as being blessed--- having been with this lovely woman for all that time. I guess it's time to look inside yourself; life goes on and find inner strength-- Oh, and maybe sometime watch one of my favorite movies: "Sleepless in Seatle". I'm sure you have it within you---you just need to find it. Oh, and music applied as needed;as the mood dictates.-God bless.
Music is a great companion in times like you are healing through, dont give up the gift!
Karel, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I do not know the author or if it is part of a poem, but when I was feeling very hurt I heard a line to the effect of "Don't cry for what you have lost, smile for what you had". It helped me. Bless you.