Can I drive Thiel CS 2 2 with a Forte' F 55?

I'm thinking about upgrading to Thiels (from Snell EII, which I like very much), and I'm wondering if I can drive the CS 2 2 with my Forte' F 55 amplifier. I know the Thiels are power-hungry.

Comments on the switch from the EII to Thiels are welcome, as well.

Thank you very much.

I went from EIV's (not EII's) to CS2 2's. And I've powered both with higher wattage amps than the Forte, so I can only speculate. I do suspect it may be a challenge. Can't speak for the EII's, but the EIV's were an easier load than the CS2 2's, though the CCS2 2's are allegedly easier (smoother impedance curve) than other Thiels. I suspect one still needs some considerable power and reserve to drive the Thiel's to comparable volumes, especially in the low end, where they are definitely leaner than the EIV's, though very natural and precise. That said, much as I like the EIV's -- extremely coherent, rich, non-fatigueing and musical -- the Thiel's are in a different league of resolution, soundstaging and accuracy, and are no less musical and pleasant. IF your amp can handle them, if you wouldn't mind a switch to a leaner presentation, and if you get set up right, I expect you will be happy. They are quite something, IMHO. I know that's not the info you were looking for, but maybe it'll be of some value to you.
Unless you have the need for lots of volume and/or have a large room, you should be fine. Some of the older Thiels actually had a kinder impedance load.
Thank you Rnm4 and Unsound.

Rnm4: It's very helpful that you've done a switch similar to one I'm considering.

Unsound: Thanks; I've learned a lot from your postings on Thiels.
I had the 2Ces and now the 2.4s. I think your amp will work just fine. Though Thiel has a sometimes demanding impedance curve, one thing they do not have is a difficult phase angle, which can sometimes be more problematic than impedance. I use a CJ 45 watt integrated amp with my 2.4 and they sound fabulous in a somewhat largish space with a high ceiling. The 2 2s should sound excellent.
You should be fine.I ran a pair of Thiel 3.5's with a 100wpc amp and they sounded great.