Can I do better?

Hey Guys, I'm about to order a Kuzma Stabi S...I have a tecnoarm and a zyx bloom. Do you think I can do better for the cash?

enjoy you got a great TT and stop losing sleep and enjoy the ride....goodluck.
Thanks :)

do you have any phono stage recommendations?
Very nice combo. Look at the JLTI phono stage. Approx 1500.00 with amazing quality. Very much a sleeper (though I know plenty who have one). If that is too expensive, Lehman Black cube or 47Labs phono pre. Just make sure to see if they can handle MC. I believe the bloom is MC.'re there.
Can I do better? Don't let go of the branch below you until you have a firm grasp on the branch above you
Well, i haven't paid for the gear and was wondering if there were anything better at the price range. Was just shopping around!
Your most influential choice here will be the phono pre, followed by cartridge. Everything else you have looked at is a great choice.
have you any recommendations for an appropriate pre?