Can I damage my amp and/or pre amp if I...

I just upgraded my system from a receiver to components. After hemorraging all my money, I find I am wanting for a tuner for FM. My question is, until I can afford a tuner, can I take the FM signal out of my former receiver, a Yamaha R9, and send it to the pre without damaging any of the components involved? There is a "Record Out" selector switch on the R9 that will direct a source signal from a CD or phono, for example, to a tape deck. Can I cable from the "Rec Out" jacks of the receiver to inputs at the pre amp after setting the "Rec Out" switch to "Tuner"?
Any help about this would be greatly appreciated. If there is another way to get an FM signal from my old tuner, please advise.
Thanks in advance.
I think you are already on to it. There should be no problem using the record output jacks from your Yamaha to listen to radio.

Just to be on the safe side begin with your new preamps volume all the way off and bring it up slowly. Probably not necessary but provides a margin of safety for your test.
Yes you can, won't hurt a thing. The way you describe will work just fine. Go from your record uout to the tuner inputs. Good comedy! I know well about "hemorraging" all my money on audio! LOL!

That'll work fine! But stay away from the Magnum Dynalab Tuners because you'll just be wanting to move up in their product line.. I started with the FT-11, upgraded to FT101 and am now a proud owner of the 2001 Etude Model (which is the same as the new MD100). It is much more fun to listen to this tuner than cd's! Magnum sound is very musical and warm... Etude is the starting point where there is a decent soundstage and imaging. The FT101 and FT11 were great compared to my receiver tuner but can't compete with the Etude.

Hope I didn't aggrevate the hemorraging :)
Actually, if the waffer valve is stuck open on the preamp when you connect the tuner via the record output jacks of the receiver, you might burn out the muffler bearings. If that happens, say goodbye to the permeated substances inside the thingamabob or what-cha-majigger. You'll never get them to operate properly after that point unless you install new skyhooks. This can be pretty expensive, especially if you find someone that knows what you are talking about : ) Sean
PS.... I tried to keep that last answer simple so that everyone could follow along : ) Sean
Thanks to everyone who helped me out. And Sean...what's up with you?
The other guys nailed it on the head so i was just having some "fun". Hope you didn't take it personally and realized what was going on. Sean