Can I Connect my Raysonic CD Player to My B&K Amp?

Have a Raysonic CD player with Balanced outputs. Will be using my B&K PT3 with 2140 amp. The Amp has XLR inputs but the Pre Amp does not. Can I run the CD play via XLR to the amp?
Does your amp have volume controls? If so, maybe. Is the Raysonic a model 128 or 168? If 128, probably not. If 168 (which has a volume control), yes.
No volume controls on the amp and it's a 128. Am I going to slide into pre amp and amp upgrades?
I'd say so :-)

I have a 128 myself. VERY nice CD player, and i'm running it into an Aesthetix Calypso via the XLRs.

You may already know this, but of the four tubes in the 128, the outer pair serve the XLR outputs and the inner pair serve the RCAs.