Can I connect my iPhone to my Ayre integrated amp

Can I connect my iPhone to my Ayre integrated amplifier? Unfortunately, I cannot receive some of the FM stations I am interested in and am thinking about connecting the iPhone to my amplifier. Will the iPhone connect directly to the amplifier or do I need another device (if yes, what device)? What is the expected sound quality of doing this? If the sound quality is poor, most likely, I will not do it. Is there another device that would give me FM listening via the Internet that I should consider?
You could try a mini to rca adapter plug (stereo mini pin to right/left rca's). Go from your headphone jack to an aux input on your pre. Little better: you could get Apples $60 docking station. It has a headphone out and you can keep your phone charged.

I'm in the middle of a similar process. My wife got an Ipod Touch recently. I'm experimenting with running it thru my stereo. I'm at the stage where I have a Cambridge Audio Id100 dedicated "Idoc" that takes the digital stream directly from the Ipod and into my own DAC then into my pre. I'm listening to Pandora radio right now and I like what I'm hearing.

Give the $5 mini/rca a try and see if you like it. You can always go up from there.
I sometimes listen to my I-Pod through the upgraded Bose radio in the car...although the sound is there, it's not as good as the Satellite, or CD.
Check out the Pure Digital I-20. For $100 you can use almost any apple iphone or ipod and stream internet radio or play itunes. It takes the digital from the iphone and processes it through its own DAC, or will pass it along to the DAC of your choice. Perfect for what you want. And it recharges the phone too...
Probably the most important factor affecting the sound quality, beyond whether you use the headphone or the dock connector output, is the resolution of the music files, themselves.

Music in a lossless format is going to sound a lot better than the same music from a 128kbps mp3 file. I find, though, that the higher resolution mp3 files sound good enough given the fairly low expectations I have for the iPhone or iPod as a source. Of course, the higher the resolution of the files, the fewer of them you can fit on the phone.
I love internet streaming radio! There is so much music out there, it's crazy! Of course you can listen to your iPhone via the methods other folks have mentioned in the thread. The Pure Digital I-20 sounds like a good piece, but I've never used it.

For me, I have a Mac Mini running iTunes connected via USB to a Headroom Audio Desktop amp/DAC. This is a pure Headphone rig for me, but it also has pre-outs that can connect into you integrated amp or direct into a power amp. It's probably more money that you want to spend, but it does provide for a very good headphone amp and DAC if you need those components.

I'm a music lover more so than an audiophile at this point in my life. The convenience and incredible diversity of music available via streaming internet radio outweighs the sonic shortcomings of lower sample rates for me.
I recommend the HRT Istreamer. Great improvement in sound rather than the iphone dac/mini to rca cord. Cheaper solution if you do not want to go with the Wadia/dac route.

I stream Sirius and other channels.
Reubent - Yes, in my comments about music file resolution I didn't mean to imply you couldn't completely enjoy music at lower resolutions. I probably spend at least as much time listening to Pandora and Spotify as I do to the higher resolution sources I have.

The Pandora iPhone app is a marvel, giving you the music you know you like layered with similar music you had no idea existed, anywhere you have phone or wi-fi access.
Reubent and Sfar, Totally agree with your last paragraphs. Pandora is doing it for me.
A special thanks to everyone above that answered my iPhone to Ayre question.

The HRT ISteamer looks very interesting. I see that their Music Streamer Pro model has balanced outputs. What audio outputs does the iPhone have? Can I connect the iPhone to the Music Streamer Pro? Assuming I use the iPhone and the HRT ISteamer (exact model is to be determined), what is the expected sound quality of doing this? In other words, how will it sound?

I don't have an iPhone, but I do have an iPod Touch and other iPods. I'm guessing the iPhone works the same way.

You will need a device that connects to the iPhone and gets the digital stream from the iPhone connector and converts it to a digital audio connection like coax or toslink/optical. Maybe that is what the previously mentioned Pure Digital I-20 can do for you. Wadia also makes the 170i and 171i that will do the same. You would take the output of these devices and connect to the Music Streamer Pro.

In the case of the I-20, it looks like it has a built-in DAC and that may be good enough for your needs. Try it and if it isn't good enough, add a quality external DAC.
Thanks again for all of the above comments.

I just discovered the Myine IRA. This $150 device connects wirelessly to the Internet and connects to my amplifier via RCA cables. See

I just got an e-mail from NuForce today, introducing their new iDo. Might be the perfect fit for you. It allows a direct connection from an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to the device. It takes the bit perfect digital signal from the iPhone. It then outputs via coax (digital) for connection to a DAC or A/V receiver, or it has it's own built-in DAC and sends analog out to your integrated amp, etc. It also has a built-in headphone amp. It's $249 direct from Nuforce or you can buy it at

I own a NuForce Icon integrated amp which has some of the same functionality. It is a very nice, affordable product. Top notch value IMHO.

Here's a link to the NuForce iDo: