Can I connect 2 sources to the HDMI input in Oppo 203

I set a dual purpose system wanting good quality sound for music and adequate sound for surround sound.    I have an OPPO with the front left and right analog outputs ran to a parasound a23 then to a Martin Logan vantage electrostats.  The other channels are just powered by 2 monoprice amps one for rear left and right, the second bridged to a Martin Logan motion 8i center.  I just bought a bluesound vault 2 and due to my lack of knowledge and forsight I realized I don't have an input got it.  Vault 2 has both digital and analog outs.  Can I add it some how. Don't know if OPPOs dac is better or vaults 2s so don't even know if I should digital in to OPPO or analog in to parasound.  Or maybe there's no way without adding a preamp.  I'm talking over my own head at this point.
Yes, but why make it so complicated? Get an Anthem HT receiver. Relatively inexpensive, especially if you go for older series.