Can I combine a 200W RMS with a 125 W RMS Amp?

I just picked up an Anthem Statement D1 processor so now I have to get an amp. One of my Clients is offering me to sell his 3 channel 200W RMS aragon amp. The amp will drive a monitor audio GS60 with 200W so it should be perfect. My dilemma is the second amp. My brother is giving me his 2 channel rotel but it’s only rated at 125W RMS. Can I combine the two amps with different wattage? I would like to use it if it is not going to be an issue until I save enough cash to upgrade the amps.
You should be fine. The rear channel speakers can be a smaller more efficient speaker. The rear channel carries less info.
in addition many ht processors have a trim control to adjust volume to center, sub, and surround channels. forge ahead!
And keep in mind that 200W vs. 125W is only a 2db difference, which is a very small amount subjectively.

-- Al
Thanks All. I will settle with the Rotel for now then upgrade later on. Thanks for all the reply.