Can i clean the female insides of my powercables ?

Wonder if i can destroy them by doin that ?
The endless jokes possible here are going to make it impossible to answer your real question. I cannot, for reasons of modesty, make any of those jokes... But you are asking for it.
Well, in an effort to keep this from devolving as Elizabeth so correctly suggests it might... Grisslehamn, the best way to do this is going to be to simply connect and reconnect the power cord several times. The wiping action of the metal parts connecting will clean the interior surfaces. If you suspect corrosion, you could add a bit of Caig DeOxit to the surface of the male pins and then make the connection/re-connection. Your biggest risk is spreading the contacts so that a tight connection is no longer possible.

If this is a modular plug, you certainly could disassemble it, clean the contacts and reassemble. But, I wouldn't recommend that unless you have a serious problem to resolve and you're trying to save the cord rather than discard it.
This is a delicate procedure and can lead to your cable's inability to produce further electrons. It is also liability risk, so make sure you talk to your cable and explain the possible outcomes.
Try a pipe cleaner w/Caig on it. Watch that the fibers of the pipe cleaner don't let go. You can clean RCA's and female balanced connectors the same way.
If you don't have pipe cleaners handy and you're going to the store to track some down anyway, go to the dental care aisle at a drugstore and pick up some of the tiny brushes that are designed to clean between your teeth. They're built like a pipe cleaner but they're short and tapered from about a quarter inch wide down to a point, making them useful for a range of small cleaning jobs, and they won't leave fibers behind. They fit onto a plastic handle and the refills are cheap.
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pipe cleaner?

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Your player will benefit in pace and timing. Regardless of the technique you find most effective, the highly recommended background music for a successful operation is Bolero.
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Machina Dynamica Magic Douche (not available in stores).
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Griesslehamn -- you did get answers, and correct ones at that!
Whatever you do, DISconnect the cable fm the mains when cleaning!
I only wanted to know if its ok to use cotton swabs inside of the ICE connectors. Whats wrong with that ?

Ok, some answers was ok some not.
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Does that come in a double pack??
Btstrg, read again ! (not available in stores). So does it matter if it comes in double pack ???

I used thin cotton swabs from and Deoxit. Worked just fine.
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