Can I cheat and not get caught?

I bought a nice Accuphase P-450 power amp recently and was surprised to find the speaker connectors accept only bare wire or VERY large spades. Since my speakers are Vandersteen 3As, I had HCM Audio make a set of double bi-wired cables to the tune of over $300 (I know, that's cheap in the big scheme of things) and was shocked when the 5/16
spades would not fit over the posts. I was finally able to force the spade(s) barely onto the post and tighten the connector enough to secure it, but I'm wondering if it would be better to insert one prong of each spade into the hole for bare speaker wire, then tighten the connector. Or should I try to widen the gap in each spade slightly/carefully to get a better conventional connection? 
No, the amp won't accept bananas....that's the problem. I thought of the spade to banana adapter, but I'm running into the same problem. It's hard to find an adapter with a spade larger than 5/16". Thanks for your suggestions, lowrider57.
I do have access to a Dremel-tool, testpilot, so I'll try that and shave a bit off the inside surface of a spade and see how that works (I think that's where you were going).
Yes, use a dremel tool.  I have had to do this several times.  Just work slowly and carefully checking for fit periodically. If the spades are not very thick you can carefully widen with needle nose pliers being very careful.  Thin spades are easy and safe to widen this way.  The thick ones are much harder and not as flexible so the Dremel works best here. 
I did mine the old fashion way, used a rat tail file and was able to accomplish in short order with good control
Why does Accuphase conceal the highly relevant fact that their gold-plated connectors are still idiosyncratically designed for bare wire entering the third decade of the 21st Century CE?
I am using WBT spades (speaker wire) and banana’s (REL subs) connectors, both hooked up simultaneously to my Accuphase Integrated dual binding posts, no issues at all. I simply love the oversized binding posts.