can i change my hard wired power cord on my amp?

I have a Outlaw 950 pre-amp and it has a detatchable power cord which i upgraded, however my Outlaw 750 amplifier does not have a detatchable power cord!!!! I don't know why the pre amp would have a detatchable and the amp not! Anyway my question is is there a way i can easily remove the hard wired power cord and add a adaptor of some sort to be able to add a aftermarket detatchable cord? Any suggestions would be appreciated!!
Phil (audiophill)
What specifically is it about the sound of your current system that you are unsatisfied with and wish to change?

The mod you enquire about may or may not be the way to go, depending on what your objective is.
You might have a technician direct solder a new cord to your amp's circuit board, or install an IEC outlet so that you can change cords at will.

I don't know if Outlaw has any techicians to modify for this, but it's worth a check. If they do, they might let you keep your warrantee. If they don't, ask if their is anyone they would authorize to do the work and keep the warrantee.

MSB Technology is known to have relationships with manufacturers that allows them to modify equipment within warrantee. They might be able to arrange something for you. Call Scott at MSB Technology -(650) 747-0400.

Jeff Delman
Value Audio
Some have simply cut off the AC cord within 6" of the equipment, then solder on an IEC socket using tape or heat shrink sleeving to insulate any exposed voltage terminals. However a chassis mount is the better approach if that's possible. Hardwiring really limits your ability to tune the rig by trying out different upgrade cords, no two of which sound quite the same.
Hi, Audiophill!

I agree with what Bob_bundus said. In addition to that, you can use the (male)IEC socket for cable "mounting" (looks very similar to the IEC connectors on mains cables but with opposite contacts inside, ofcourse).
And you won't lose the warranty since you have not opened the amp(but check this before you do it to be sure)!

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