Can I build an Linn LP-12 piece by piece?

With all the separate parts for an LP12 available on eBay,plinth,armboard,arm etc. I was wondering if it would be feasible to build a Frankenstein version. With time and Patience and of course some cash I bet it could be done at a substantial savings. What parts do you think would be the hardest to locate? Any suggestions or input would be appreciated.
Considering all the time and expense that would go into acquiring all the parts it might be easier to just buy a used LP12.
No suggestions, but sure why not. Would be easier to buy one, but it sounds like a fun project.

An Uncle a long time ago spent years building a Chevy Corvette for next to nothing, just using what he found left over at the local salvage yard. The hardest thing to find was a good condition fiberglass body of the time. He could have bought a used one, but had fun doing it his way. The local teenagers who were into cars look at him like he was a god. It probably drove my Aunt crazy, but he did actually finish it.

There is a guy somewhere who bought out all of the left over DeLorean Motor Company parts. He sells them to mostly to people repairing them, but he has indicated that there are enough parts to build dozens of complete cars. Now that's a project !!
I have a friend that once built a replica of the Brooklyn bridge from pirated parts from the original. The bridge built in the same scale as the one in NY harbor. Now the only problem is, no one can cross the East River to get over to the other side. NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL A REAL HOBBY.
Yep, Especially, if that Delorean has a Flux Capacitor inside! lol

Yes, you could build a turntable of a magnitude much higher than a Linn. How? Be a Master Machinist, or know one that is.

I one day walked into a Linn Store on Chicago's north side, to possibly buy a turntable. One caught my eye that I thought looked pretty nice.

Upon inspection, the price tag on it said $8400! I told the salesman outright that "You guys must be smokin some real good stuff in here".

He laughed of course, then later proceeded to demo me a pair of skinny Linn Tower Speakers that had what looked like 5" woofers, cost $3400, and played some doctor's office music for me, at virtually inaudible levels, as like he was scared to power them up, like they would blow with any wattage applied to them. My then 25 year old JBL Monitors would've blown them completely out of the water in a side by side.

Sorry for the somewhat rant, but as others mention, if you don't have the expertise, or the connects, I think you'd be better off buying a pre-built table, and then maybe doing a few mods on the cheap. Mark
Hi there,
only my take - don't even think about it !
I buy, sell & service these as a hobby/sideline.
I've tried this route and it's always cost me money.
I can tell you categorically, I make more money splitting lovely well set up tables and selling them for spares.
It's not a black art but setting up a linn properly only comes thru experience. A perfectly set up cheap combo will outperform a badly set up expensive one and believe me, I don't see many set up correctly.
You have to hope you get a good sub/chassis bearing, inner platter - see people selling bearings, inner platters seperately - like sticking the pistons from one worn engine into another ones worn block - madness.
Outer platters always go for 60% of the new price and most valhallas psu's you see these days are tired old dogs.
These are powered all the time they are connected to the mains, hence after 20 years, they tend to burn out.
I watch the prices and there are some nice units at very reasonable prices on Gon - why risk idiot bay ?
Buy one from an enthusiast, make sure it has the original box - the only way to ship it without it getting wrecked.Get one that's ben looked after and the parts for a complete service are reasonable - new springs/grommets, oil & belt - not sure of usa prices but about £30 here in the uk

I'm not trying to be a bore or a purist, I mod the hell out of mine - just trying to save you wasting money !
Cheers Si
Why not, that's how I built my Ferrari Testarossa?
I gave up on the Linn LP-12 a long time ago besides the VPI blows it away.
I prefere assembling a computer by myself i.e. buying separate pts over the internet to built one whole thing. That gives me a huge savings v.s. store prices even at big sale + desired functionality with desired parts.

I don't think that assembling a turntable would bring you same results unless you're going to try something new and unique.
Viridian, are you comparing a Testarossa to a Linn Turntable. Please, I would think a Bluenote Bellagio would be a more fitting comparison. Or is your statement referring to the absurdity of undertaking such a project? If thats your point it's well taken and appears to be the popular consensus here as well. Again, if you look up Linn on eBay there must be almost every part available to purchase. I come from a background in manufacturing and assembly and was just wondering how hard could this be. Its a simple enough design. Nothing like a Testarossa but more like the VW Beetles of the sixties when all you needed was the manual and a hand full of tools to get it up and running. Thanks for everyones input.
Dred, as you said, you come from a manufacturing background, which imparts a certain level of expertise, but I can tell you from first hand personal experience, and having known some of the best Linn mechanics in NY and LA, that a manual and a hand full of tools will not get a Linn running at anywhere near optimal performance, though it may get it "up and running". Hey, do you think that the e-bay thing is why my wife won't take a ride with me in the Ferrari? Nah, maybe it's my anti-persperant.