Can I Bi-amp speakers with single surround amp?

I just purchased Swan Diva 6.1's which I am able to Bi-amp. I am considering a Rotel 1075 or similar amp and wonder if it is possible/prudent to use a 5 channel amp to feed the stereo pair.
No sub or center in the system, so I wonder if the 0 load on the 5th channel is a problem.
It won't matter at all, I have Bi-amped my mains with a 5 channel, using only 4 channels, I have used the Rotel amps before, i know it's extremely subjective, but Bel Canto has a great 4 channel you can find used that in my opinion sounds significantly better, another option would be a Krell HTS, used it would be about the same,
Not a problem although I'd go with two higher-quality and more-potent channels, instead.

Use the spare channel to give power to some "Bass Shakers" from Aura (I think), mount them under you couch for slight vibration when the sub info is sent, its pretty cool and my friend has them in his theater, I have 4 but have never installed them yet.....only $30 per pair.
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Thanks for your ideas. I appreciate the feedback!