Can I bi-amp ProAc Response 3's

I have a pair of ProAC Response 3's I would like to bi-amp.
I have a Krell KST 100 I would like to use for the bottom end,
a CJ MV52 tube amp I would like to put on the mid-high portion. I don't have the manual for the ProAc's (I wish I did).
My preamp has two line outs for two seperate amps.
Any help along these lines would be deeply appreciated.
Thanks, Mike.
My ProAc Response 2s were set up for bi-whatevering. Do the 3s have two separate sets of speaker wire binding posts? Pretty much a dead tip-off there. Unless your preamp has different selectable gain for the two pre-outs, you may have issues matching the gain of the two amps you have selected, however.
Yes, they can be bi-amped, but why??? Nothing but money and trouble and more cables and ICs. Get a good amp, SS or tube and be done with it.
If you already have two amps you should get an electronic crossover. Different selectable gain isn't enough for bi-amplification and even perfectly matched components can go out of tonal balance turning sound onto the mess. I know that Bryston specifically asks when buying two identical amps if they must be matched and they do match for vertical bi-amp.
You can get Marchand electronic crossover SS or tube wichever you can afford and it won't break your bank or drive to the hardship of selling two amps and get one bigger. Extra interconnects also shouldn't bother you too much since in crossover domain thay mean almost nothing if quality is OK and connection is tight.
Thanks guys for your input. I went with Bi-wired Cardas
Golden 5C. Sound very musical,find myself lisening to the music for the first time in ages. I will up grade my amp
down the road. Thanks again...