Can I bi-amp my speakers with a Denon 3802?

I have just gotten some Paradigm Studio 60s and was wondering if I can bi-amp the speakers with a single Denon 3802 reciever? It has 7 discrete amplifiers and I am only using 5. Is this possible? And how would I do it?
Yes, but it is a pain in the butt

Three ways of doing this

1st method. Wire up your Fronts and the REAR SURROUNDS to the paradimgs, then set the rear channels to be used as "Zone 2"
Next, be sure you have ZONE 2 using the CDP as a source along with the main system, and technically i guess it would run the Front-L/R and SR-L/R as 2 channel off the same source.
This way might be a bit cumbersome for switching source to source as you will have to switch both zones, or else your highs might be playing CD while your lows are playing the radio.

the 2nd way of doing this might be to wire it up in the same fasion, but keep the surround rears as the 6th and 7th channels. Then go through the menu and shut down the center and main surrounds, and leave it on 7 channel stereo..
Problem with this is you have to turn the other speakers on and off depending on what you are watching, and when watching a movi you would have to plug some jumpers in the back of the speaker because you wont get full range, and probably have to remove the cable from the surround rears so your dont pump power from one amp channel into the other.

3rd way of doing it and probably the most complicated is to use the "Extra surround" outputs, not the surround rear, but if the 3802 is like my 3803 was, you can hook up the two sets of surrounds (not iuncluding the rears) so you can use one set for movies and one set for multichannel music.
You can set up the surround-speaker B for the other amplifiers for your paradigms, select surround B and shut off the other speakers.
Once again, the problem arises when watching movies, you would have to put the bi-wire jumpers back in place, and turn the other speakers on. and remove the cable from the surround to the main l/r

Method 1 would definatly be the easiest. All you gotta do is make sure ZONE 2 is always on the same source as the main source. But remember, when watchimg movies 1/2 of your speaker will get discreet info, wwhile the other half will get stereo signal, which might mess up with how the surround sound sounds. Rear effect channels might creep into your fronts.

I guess you could always unplug the 2nd zone and add some bridging clips for movies.

Either way, its gonna be a pain in the ass, and probably not worth the effort.
Only if you want to hear the main front to the one part of the speaker (the woofer for instance) and the surrounds or backs speaker outs to the the tweeter/mid section. It will not work, you just can't assign what signal will go to which discrete amp, the digital surround processor will encode (5/6ch stereo, DD, DTS etc.) and assign a signal to the amp, the ones you have enable thru the speaker menu.
I hope this helps.
Passive bi-amping IMO, is not worth the effort.
You will not increase the dynamic range or prevent low frequency signals from impacting the high frequency response, as in active bi-amping.
One of the main benefits(maybe THE main benefit) of active bi-amping is the lack of a lossy, passive crossover network.

Adding a powered subwoofer and high-passing the mains would be closer to a true bi-amped system, and would absolutely dwarf passive bi-amping in its effectiveness at increasing the dynamic range and clarity of your system.
Thanks guys. I didn't think it would be feasible. I'll just bi-wire them instead.
If you vertical bi-amp and biwire then you won;t need to add an external active crossover.