Can I bi amp my B & W 603 S3 speakers with an

Arcam AVR 250 AV receiver that is 7.1? I have 5 B & W speakers for Home Theater. If I purchase a used AVR 250 with 7 channels can 2 channels power each main front speaker? The B & W 603 S3 have 4 posts (2 red & 2 Blk)and jumpers between if you don't bi wire. The main object is to make playing CD's (2 channel mode) as good as possible. Thank you for the replies. I haven't bought the Arcam AVR 250 yet but I want a good 2 channel set up.
Unless you can configure the processor portion to direct each side of the stereo signal to two of the amplificatin channels (unlikely), the anwer is no.
I have a friend doing that with B&W's and a Marantz receiver but don't know about Arcam.
Thank you for the responses. The used Arcam AVR 250 is $1,100.00 at a local Arcam dealer and it would be a good upgrade compared to the $400 Yamaha AV receiver I am using. I may buy it and use only 5 channels or keep looking. Thanks. (Two channel is more important to me than the ability to watch movies).
I am bi-amping my Arcam AVR300 using channels 6&7 under "advanced settings" for my B&w 604s3's with a considerable difference in performance. Stereo Direct in 2 channel mode to my Arcam CD36 CDP with Kimber 1030 IC is a terrific way to get the most musicality out of my setup.
Good luck
Thank you everyone and Evergrey. In the stereo direct mode does the AVR 300 use only the 2 channels for the main speakers and not channel 6&7? Is the Kimber 1030 IC the interconnect between the CD player and the Arcam AVR 300? I am going to purchase an Rega Apollo CD player in the next month (they are sold out), do you see any problems with the Rega brand and the Arcam receiver? Thanks. I am going to look at the Arcam AVR 300 or AVR 350.
Jwmichman, sorry for the delayed response. stereo direct does 2-channel mode on the AVR300 and its supposed to isolate the digital circuitry to provide a cleaner line to the CDP. THe Kimber 1030's are between the AVR300 and the CDP. I actually had a Rega Planet 2000 before i bought the CD36 and it sounded really nice, especially on Mapleshade ultimate triplepoints.
Let me know how the setup goes.
could do it if you can set it for 5 channel stereo.