Can I add a preamp to my system


I am thinking about change to chase the sound lol…I have a Naim Uniti Atom which is a Dac, streamer and amplifier in the same box going to a PrimaLuna tube amplifier. What I have learned a PrimaLuna tube Preamp would take the sound to the finish line…I like the Naim Uniti Atom but can I hook it up to the preamp with out making my sound worse…there will be a fight between the preamps for volume control, and who knows what else. And would a preamp make that much difference to give me the WOW …right now it sounds good after I changed out the tubes in the PrimaLuna…my wife is in the camp it won’t make any difference lol…what do my audiophiles friends think?

I don’t think anyone will consider a PrimaLuna amplifier and PrimaLuna preamp as high end, they will feed my Klipsch Heritage speakers…


The Naim Uniti has pre-amp RCA outs. Technically, using the Uniti as  DAC/Streamer and sending the signal to another pre-amp would work. Would it sound better? Hard to say. You'd probably want to set the Naim at a fixed volume (that won't overdrive the Primaluna preamp) and control the system volume with the PrimaLuna