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I was using the Audio Electronic Supply (AES) SE-1 SET amp (300B tube, 7W) with AES AE-3 (tube rectifier) preamp with Axiom M22ti (94 dB) and CAL Ikon2 CD player.

Last month I got a pair of Maggies 1.6 and have been using the NAD C740 receiver (35W, just using the power amp section) to drive the Maggies as I was afraid that it would be too much for the SET amp. The result was alright, better than nothing type.

Anyway, since I got back from my fall photo trip in CO, I was very unsatisfied with the result (probably also the combination of new speaker and interconnect cables I just got from Zu) I wasn't very happy with it and miss my SET sound a lot.

So this evening I braved it up and hooked up the AES SE-1 to drive Maggies. The result was blessing and brought Jennifer Warnes, Eva Cassidy and so on back into my room again.

As my room is very small (10x15') and I sit only about 8' from the maggies (they are about 7' apart), I listen at relative low level. The volume position for my comfortable level of listening is about 9-10 O'Clock on my Preamp. Haven't pass 12 at all.

Can I risk damaging any of my equipment this way? I know if I over drive it (play too loud) I will overload the amp and chain reaction disaster might happen. But as I listen to relatively low level, I think it should be OK. Only drawback I know is that I am not using the full capability of the maggies as they sing when played loud.

Any thought on this would be really appreciated.

In many cases, tube amplifiers can be driven into clipping without damaging speakers like their solid-state counterparts often do. Plus, the Maggie tweeter is fused, so I wouldn't worry about it -- especially since you are using good judgement in keeping the volume low.

If you want to be extra careful you can always contact the amp's manufacturer and run it by them. They ought to know exactly how their amp behaves when overdriven...
i think you have a good understanding of you system. i agree w/Plato. just make sure you can control the volume and keep others out. Relax and enjoy eva! (i'll have to admit, i'm not sure i could enjoy her singing softly. :-))
That shpuld be a proper topic I intended to.

THanks for the response so far.
Ok, first off I would have said you have"A mismatch made in heaven" But,that doesn't seem to be the case. Sure a 25wt 845 would be better. Speakers of a kinder impedance would be more optimal. Hey--a long as you enjoy what you have--and don't think about what you don't--enjoy.Coincidentally that last sentence is the oxymoron for audiophiles in general.
Personally, I would get a more powerful amp. The Maggies love power, and the more power you can feed them, the better they sound.

I have heard the 1.6's driven by a Audio Research 40 watt tube integrated amp (CA50). The combo sounded pretty darn good. However, as you say, watch how loud you play music, particular the lower frequencies (which usually are harder to drive and eat up power).

Have fun!