Can Headoom Have an effect On your Sound


I've recently purchaced a Peachtree integrated Grand X1.
It puts out an estimated 440 wpc in 8 ohms and 770 wpc in 4,ohms respectively.One of the main reasons for getting a high current amp is that my speakers(Gemmes Tanto V2's),can go quite deep in the lower end dept.So in turn I wanted that bass to be as deep and as tight as possible.I've heard it been said that having more headroom will improve one's overall sonic portrait.I do tent to agree with this theory of more power(or headroom)just allows your speakers to operate with more ease and fluidity,and therefore allowing certain frequencies to be covered with greater accuracy.I've also noticed that at lower volume levels I can detect all the "muscle" my amp has to offer even without turning it up.I've always believed that one can never have too much power.But you can certainly have too little.Is there anyone else out there believe that having a greater amount of headroom can impact your overall sound,and for the better?