Can fun be used to describe equipment?

Notice most people read certain books or watch certain movies. Try to tell a fiction fan to read medical textbooks and watch how fast he will walk away.
Face it- most people will gravitate to fun things over laborious things, I guess those speakers that are easiest to listen to without the brain having to have to fill in the missing pieces are probably the ones we most often listen to.
I was hoping to hear more from members about their experience at rmaf, but unfortunately there hasn't been much said.
Can anybody share what speakers they have had loads of fun with, either just listening or tweeking?
Daber Monitor 3's. New speakers on the block, so to speak. They are in between size for bookshelf and floor standers. It has been fun finding the best height for stands for them. Most of all listening. Not a lot of information on them and no real reviews. So no bias, the adventure of making the first footprints in the snow.
I thought Duke's (Audiokinesis) new speaker was a lot of fun. IMO, he had a goal for performance and price and knocked it out of the ballpark. Right after the show ended he moved the speakers down the hall to a bigger room, and I got to hear them with some extra power behind them. Damned impressive, and a lot of fun!
Man, I would have loved to hear Duke's new speakers - his stuff never ceases to impress me. Alas, I couldn't make it to RMAF this year. I did get to hear Karl Schumann's (AudioMachina) new tiny CRM monitors in my own system, about a month before the show, and thought they were a real kick in the pants - just amazing to hear that kind of sound coming from such tiny enclosures. "Fun" definitely comes to mind - they made me want to listen to more music. There's quite a bit posted on RMAF impressions over on AudioCircle. Daedelus speakers also have been consistently enjoyable when I've heard them on several occasions extensively. In the case of speakers; those that are best for me, as the above mentioned, have me not thinking about the speakers at all, but completely immersed in the music.

Yes... and it should be used a bit more frequently in those between the lines articled pronouncements of a gizmo's performance abilities and setup requirements..

I resort to that word when complicated terms are no longer necessary. When the item provides more pleasure than torment. Is easy to setup, not requiring any special proceedures or additive accessories.

Loudspeakers are by nature, picky. They have to meet a bunch of criteria to do well in any given setting, with incremental movements yielding significant results routinely. The space itself can make or break which speakers will fit there.

I’ve owned plenty of BW … Monitor Audio… JBL.. VSA… Phase Tech… Silverline… and some assortment of two ways or book shelf speakers.

The least picky… easiest to setup, most fun to hear speakers by and large came from Phase Technologies, and Silverline…. About in that order.

My Sonata IIIs have been my best overall sounding so far, requiring the least amount of system component alterations and placement concerns. Brand new… right out of the boxes, they didn’t sound disfunctional. Within a week of play, they sounded pretty good and quite listenable to.

I’ve no doubt the others listed here are as formidable or quality items too.

I feel quite often, for speakers, it’s the room as much or more than anything else which dictates how easily speakers will integrate into it… and where… or if at all. Great speakers as from the above notes, can sound excellent in this room or that, but in the right fit… the right sized room they’ll sound outstanding, all else being on par systemwise.!

I think the antonym of ‘fun’ is ‘demanding’. It’s not going to take long to find demanding speakers… they’re everywhere.
Duke's speakers seem like the kind that set up fairly easily, FWIW. I have a set of Classic Audio Loudspeakers that seem to set up easily as well. I have them 6 inches from the rear wall, and no worries with the soundstage and the like...