Can flexible power cables sound good?

Just borrowed some hefty power cables from my locale dealer. The shop is closed because of Covid-19 so he borrowed me some very nice cables and a PS Audio Power Plant P20 to play with.
The PS PC P12 is simple not bendable and the same goes for many of the other cables.
That's a real problem for me. I don't have the space to move my rack out and rearrange all my equipment and electrical sockets to make room for such hefty cables.  

So are there really good power cables that are also flexible?

@inefficient said:

I do not see how could I overcome the shortcomings of the 15-25 feet of cheap power cables in my apartment walls . . . by spending on the last 3-6 feet.

In that case, consider spending on the *first* 3-6 feet. (Seriously, the nature of AC power makes this conceptualization just as valid.)

Also, you might think about running a dedicated line from your breaker panel to your audio system—clear up your identified shortcomings and a whole lot more. If your panel is really that close (15-25 feet), then this should be very straightforward.

@martin-andersen asked:
So are there really good power cables that are also flexible?
Of course there are. Some of our collective favorite power cords over time have been extremely flexible. I still use several TG SLVR PCs and a couple Michael Wolfe PCs—both very flexible and easy to route (especially the latter). I don’t know most of the PCs recommended in the thread so far, but they seem like contenders.

Finally, I know you have a local dealer (good for you, and all the best to them!) ... but if you don’t find what you need, you could consider getting together with The Cable Company and their lending program. Both for their initial recommendations and for the opportunity to try before you buy.
Have you tried silver coated, aluminum buses?   Only use copper nuts and bolts.
Signal Cable has a good rap for good product and high value. That is where I would look first.
I have a Signal Cable on my power amp and honestly can't tell the difference between it and the stock cord.  Maybe I just don't have the hearing for it anymore or maybe my system isn't resolving enough.  Who knows? 
It looks better than the stock cord though.  
I have upgraded all my stock cords with after market boutique cords and really don't think it has made any difference but for peace of mind It makes me feel better knowing I have a better(?) quality cable hooked to my gear.
Maybe some day for shits and grins I'll replace all them with stock cables and see if I notice a change in the sound.