Can flexible power cables sound good?

Just borrowed some hefty power cables from my locale dealer. The shop is closed because of Covid-19 so he borrowed me some very nice cables and a PS Audio Power Plant P20 to play with.
The PS PC P12 is simple not bendable and the same goes for many of the other cables.
That's a real problem for me. I don't have the space to move my rack out and rearrange all my equipment and electrical sockets to make room for such hefty cables.  

So are there really good power cables that are also flexible?
Audio Envy

Blah blah honk honk.
Purchase a 90 degree adaptor.
Audioquest told me that it being metal to metal, it shouldn't affect sound quality.
Happen to have just received a Puritan Audio Lab Ultimate Power Cord for home demo and so far its very nice; smooth and good timbre.
A bit on the relaxed side, but I suspect it will  open up with time. But great tone so far and flexible to the point of being floppy.  Not too expensive in the grand scheme of things.  Worth a look and a hear.
Why would they not sound good(depends on how flexible) depends on the company as well get PURIST.
ebm seem's to like depends. He certainly doesn't need them ... he just doesn't like getting up until the album is over! (his system sound's THAT good! :)