Can every tonearm be set up with Stevenson, Baerwald, or Lofgren?

I'll ask forgiveness up front if this is a stupid question, but I've recently come across a confusing issue while setting up my Acoustic Signature XL w/ TA-700 9" tonearm.  The tonearm comes with a very sturdy alignment protractor that makes initial setup very quick and easy.  I initially used that protractor and just listened for the first month or so after buying the table.  I did notice that the initial track or two on an album could sound a little "off" - not significant distortion, but just not as clean as the rest of the album.

So, I got out my Feickert protractor to set the cartridge up more precisely.  It turned out that the cart was set up with the Stevenson alignment (I had preferred the Baerwald setup on my previous turntable).  So, I decided to try the Baerwald set up to compare.  However, even with the cartridge as far forward as possible, the stylus cannot reach the Baerwald or Lofgren set up points on the Feickert (in other words, it can't reach the circle with the crosshairs that are on the protractor).  I tried two different cartridges and got the same result - only Stevenson is possible.  

Is this normal? Since the factory supplied template is a Stevenson alignment, I assume the arm was designed for that setup.  

I appreciate any insight you all have.

Thanks, Scott
Try a different headshell that allows more forward movement of the cartridge. Longer slots!
You tonearm does not have removable headshell, so you'd better stick to Stevenson. If you will swap the cartridge to something different then maybe you will be able to set it up with Baerwald. 

But in general this is why the arm with removable headshell is better for experimentation 
In response to the original question — "Can EVERY tonearm be set up with Stevenson, Baerwald, or Lofgren?" — I know one that can't. The Syrinx PU3 uses it's own unique alignment. Unfortunately it's hard to find but makes a very audible difference.
Dear @smrex 13:  "  I assume the arm was designed for that setup.  ""

Not exactly, was the tonearm TT arm board position. That tonearm can run with Löfgren A or B the problem is that seems to me that the arm board position can't be changed and when we want to change from a different tonearm alignment geometry set up always we need to change the center of the spindle to center of the tonearm bearing/flucrum distance and you can't do that with that TT.

Give a call or send an email to Acoustic Signature and maybe they could know if exist the possibility to move the arm board position.

Unfortunatelly Stevenson A is the worst alignment type with the higher distortions.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,
Thanks for all the info.  I will go with Stevenson and check with the company on options for adjusting it in the future.

Best, Scott