Can even a Novice hear differences in Sound Qualit

Just wanted to relate an experience I recently had with a friend of mine. Those that have read my Threads before, have heard me wax enthusiastically about a DIANA KRALL-The Look of Love-DVD Audio Disk. The Recording has a Multi-Channel Surround Sound version Recorded in 24-bit/96 kHz. The Disk is being played through a Pioneer DV-58AV Universal Player, connected to a SpaceTechLab A-102 Vacuum Tube Headphone Amp, Driving a pair of Grado RS-1 Headphones. Only having 2-Channel capability, the Pioneer can Downmix the Multi-Channel version to two. A 65 year old friend of mind, not an Audiophile with limited hearing, was given a chance to listen to this Recording. His jaw had dropped to the floor. After listening for five minutes, he took the Headphones off and said "why don't they make all of them sound as good"? This Man was unimpressed with the multiple 2-Channel SACD/2-Channel Hi-Rez DVD-Audio Disks that he has heard on this Pioneer. The only thing that I can say is "out of the mouth of Babes...."! Sorry to keep harping on the point, but I believe that this is the only solution to the lack of Harmonic Content on all 2-Channel Digital Recordings, no matter the sampling rate. I also believe that it is the only solution to closing the gap of Harmonic Content between Analog and Digital, minus the ticks and pops. It would be a damn shame to lose it!
Kudo's for relating to a 65 year old friend as a Babe
Novices can indeed hear differences. They may be less able to describe them and slower to identify errors. However, there is no substitute for training to improve skills.
In my experience, it is not getting a novice to notice a difference as it is getting them to care. My wife notices the difference, but it doesn't matter to her. Friends will notice the difference, but they are not interested in paying for the increased quality. What strikes me as odd is that the sames folks that tell me they won't spend the extra money for better audio go nuts over getting HDTVs and blu-ray players. I guess it is preferable to see a difference than hear one.
Yes, but only trained listeners seem to be able to advance their enjoyment of sound over time. As for the 'older' folk, they are fighting a drop off in hearing ability that makes it harder to appreciate 'difference'.
Novices who like music, are music listeners, and enjoy music are capable of telling the difference and can immediately appreciate high quality sound reproduction. But like any other hobby, as Sjpin similarly points out, it's one thing to know it exists to like it and another to pursue and engage in it.
I rarely have friends come over to just listen to music. I recently had some guys over for some beers and fired up the system. They ended up getting pretty absorbed. At one point my friend looked at me with something like wonder in his eyes, and said, "I'm not just hearing the sound of cymbals. I can hear that its a wood stick hitting a cymbal. Not that he is going to get immersed in the hobby, but he clearly heard the difference between a serious setup and every "stereo" he had ever heard.
I recently read a white paper on controlled blind listening tests in which the results were random with a panel of non-audiophile listeners under tightly controlled conditions. The results became meaningful with experienced listeners, and more so when experienced listeners were able to exercise personal control over A/B source switching at leisure. It would seem that above posters' points regarding interest level, level of experience, and level of psychological involvement, are all pertinent in decoding the subtleties of audio.
I always try to get feedback from someone who is not in the hobby when making or contemplating a change. Since they are not "invested" (literally and figuratively) in the outcome, their assessment may have the advantage of a certain objectivity, even if it has the disadvantage of being less discriminating. (FWIW, I feel similarly about tasting wine; "novices" often catch the differences worth catching.)

It comes down to most people don't care. They have grown up in a MP3 compressed digital world and don't know what good sound is all about. I have "experienced" ears and can pick out the details and "little" things that makes this hobby so engaging (at least to me). My wife just shakes her head but can also notice the upgrades even though my upgrades are never cash netural. I will always search for the best two channel sound until the day I die.
So, are you talking about the preference of multi-channel 24/96 DVD-A vs. SACD?
All great responses. Buconero117 hit the nail right on the head, Older Folk are fighting a drop off in hearing ability that makes it harder to appreciate 'difference'. All true, except despite this, and being ignorant of the equipment he was listening to, he immediately knew that it was the recording, and not the equipment. Most people don't care, he didn't used to, now he does because he has a verifiable, and measurable awareness of everything that has been missing from current Digital Recordings. He never shuts up, telling his freinds and neighbors about the unusually good sounding Digital Recording that he has heard. He has had an epithany, an awakening, an awareness of just how bad current Digital Recordings really are. He couldn't possibly go back to MP3, and enjoy it, knowing that there is something out there that is a magnitude better in sound quality. It will eat him alive. Most people don't care, because they only hear a slight improvement with 2-Channel SACD/DVD-Audio, it simply isn't enough to push them over the edge.
As far as Multi-Channel vs. 2-Channel, this is still a two Channel Downmix. Two Channel Analog still does a good job of carrying the Harmonic Content of the Music. Two Channel Digital has never been able to do the same. We are not trying to reproduce 4 distinct channels here, what we are trying to do is to utilize the extra channels to carry the Harmonic Content that is missing out of the 2-channel Digital. Harmonic Content that would normally be there if this were a 2-channel Analog Recording instead of Digital. Recombining the Harmonic Content with the two main channels by Downmixing, puts us right back to approximating something resembling 2-channel Analog. Lacking the pops and ticks, might be something to sweeten the pot. If Downmixing, the end result is still going to be 2-channel regardless, not requiring extra Speakers and Amplifiers.
The preference that I am talking about, isn't multi-channel 24/96 DVD-A per se, but multi-channel 24/96 DVD-A Downmixed to 2-channels. The Harmonic Content needs to be recombined with the original signal in the Main Channels to overcome Digitals lack of Harmonic Content. Downmix could be used for Music, non-downmix multi-channel could be used for Movies with Surround Sound Audio effects. I am not sure about multi-channel SACD Surround Sound, the point would be extra channels of Harmonic Content Downmixed with Main Channels for Digital Music, Separate Multi-channels for Surround Sound in Movies. If you want the Multi-channel Surround Soundtracks for Movies in SACD, so be it.
" Why don't they make all of them sound as good "? doesn't sound like someone who doesn't care, it sounds like someone who 'used' to not care. Not caring is no longer written in stone, if it ever was I am certainly starting to see the cracks!
Lets try to keep our conversations out of the gutter, "out of the mouths of Babes" is just a figure of speech, it doesn't mean that I find my friend a Babe. Our Sound Quality is already in the Gutter, I am not going to allow my conversation to be dragged there as well!
One last response. Dgarretson, everything you say may be true, but you make it all sound like its stagnate and non-transitory. People do have epithanies, radical changes in opinions and awareness, something that comes along that violently rocks our psychological boat. A slap in the face, a bucket of water, something that rocks us out of our complacency. We all psychologically respond to these inputs. Hearing something for the first time that sounds radically better than anything we have ever heard before, can certainly flip our Paradyne Boat upside down. I have seen it happen, people will respond to radical psychological overload of input, they can't help it- they would have to be almost inhuman not to respond!
Pettyofficer, the blind testing I was referring to was used to compare coupling capacitors-- which may move some audiophiles to orgasm, while barely eliciting a yawn from non-critical listeners.

I don't discount epiphanies in audio or in anything else. I wish could tease my teenager away from her MP3 toward better audio. Unfortunately that one isn't happening--unless maybe I stop torturing her with Anthony Braxton and Ornette Coleman.
I remember when I was a teenager, everything had to be for the moment. My attention span was extremely short, and everything had to be about convenience in a rapidly fast paced Teenagers life. I eventually grew out of it, and started to appreciate things of high quality. I learned to have patience, and realized that some of the best things in life are worth waiting for. This hardly fits a Teenagers Paradyne, but my Teenage years were a passing phase. They are now nothing more than a distant memory. I believe that most Teenagers mature, they just need someone with the patience that knows exactly where the Teenagers maturity is inevitably heading. It would be an unusual Teenager indeed, that could appreciate a high end Stereo System. My advice, just wait untill they get a little bigger.
I believe by "Teenager's Paradyne", you mean the third definition of the word paradigm (not paradyne), explained here.
Thanks Tvad! Let's keep the literary standards around here suitably elevated! J
There can be only one King of the Malapropism: Norm Crosby.
if one is listening for differences, one will hear them, regardless of previous listening experiences. there are differences in aural acuity and differential threshholds, so a difference perceived by one person may not be noticed by another. motivation is as important as ear training.
Amazing that one can misspell a word, and yet someone still gets the correct meaning. Someone gets the accurate meaning in such a way, as to get the exact corrected version spelled properly. It is certainly not E.S.P., it must be coincidence. Once you are done flattering yourself, and breaking your arm patting yourself on the back, can we get back to the issue at hand? It is unfortunate that you will just have to suffer this fool gladly, on these Threads in Audiogon. Freedom of Speech doesn't selectively apply to only those with polished ego's!
Pettyofficer, some people are more embarrassed by someone telling them they have spinach in their teeth than they are by discovering when they get home that they were speaking all day with spinach in their teeth.

I promise never to do it again.

Sincere apologies.

To address the topic, I believe a novice can hear differences in sound quality, but not *all* novices can do so, and many novices don't care. I also believe companies in the business of selling recorded music are unlikely to make a concerted effort to invest more time and money in higher quality/higher resolution recordings. The music buying public essentially rejected the high resolution experiments (SACD/DVD-A) by not buying enough recordings or playback equipment. So, discussions among audiophiles about the future of high resolution recordings are now essentially rhetorical.
A tangent or sidebar
SACD and DVD-A were hurt more, IMO, by their makers who refused to remember their earlier experience with going from mono to stereo. The price increase was all of $1.00. Had they done a simiiliar, maybe $2.00 difference these formats would be much more prevalent. It was not so much the public deciding against the hi-rez sound as their makers wanting to make a killing and in doing so almost killed the format.
08-06-09: Uru975
It was not so much the public deciding against the hi-rez sound as their makers wanting to make a killing and in doing so almost killed the format.

Price was certainly a factor. PS...have you noticed how the prices of out-of-print SACDs is skyrocketing?

When I wrote the public rejected high resolution formats, I didn't mean the public said, "Hey, we don't like the sound of high resolution audio". What I meant, and which goes to your point, is that the public simply didn't buy the products in sufficient numbers to make business sense for the music companies and hardware manufacturers to continue with the formats on a large scale.

Portability is the focus of the present mass market music business (the only market the music companies and hardware companies really care about). Only when portable playback devices have the inexpensive, large capacity drives to store high resolution music files will better quality recordings perhaps receive attention from the mass market music business in downloadable formats.

Wishing for better quality recordings is noble. It doesn't take a great deal of listening experience or music ownership to know what's possible even in the redbook CD format.

We'll see in a year from now if any real progress has been made by the music companies and hardware manufacturers toward higher quality, mass-marketed music.
The Public did reject SACD/DVD-Audio, but not for the reasons that you believe. It wasn't an experiment in High Rez. Digital, the manufacturers simply did not have all of their ducks in a row with sound quality prior to releasing SACD/DVD-Audio. They pretty much made the same mistake when CD was first released. Both of these technologies were premature as far as supporting a High Quality Sound Format. The Public was taken to the cleaners, with the supposed improved Sound Quality of CD. The Public giving the benefit of the doubt to the technological prowness of CD, presuming improved Sound Quality would follow. They are still waiting for the 'Perfect Sound Forever', despite decades of development of the CD Format. Some major improvements were made, but the older Format of Analog still sounded better. How much longer is the Public supposed to wait on the development of the CD Format.
SACD/DVD-Audio came along, prematurely again, and this time the Public wasn't going to give the New Format the benefit of the doubt. The Sound of SACD/DVD-Audio was judged as being only slightly better than CD, the Public not wanting to go down the same path of a supposed improved New Format just like when CD was new. The point isn't that the New Formats only sound slightly better than CD, but that the comparison Format of CD still sounds poorly when compared to the best Analog Standards. What does this say about the Sound Quality of SACD/DVD-Audio? It sounds only slightly better than CD, but it still doesn't measure up to Analog, an older Format. There has been three attempts at New Formats, CD/SACD/DVD-Audio, with 30 years of development in Digital Recording, and they still can't get it right! Three Strikes, and the American Public have decided 'your out'! Sounds only slightly better, means that the American Public knows that Manufacturers can do alot better, the Public demanding more! The American Public is unwilling to invest in a New Format, unless there is an improvement in Sound Quality that atleast approaches that of the best Analog. They simply feel cheated by decades of CD, and they are not about to be cheated again by SACD/DVD-Audio, with only a slight improvement in Sound Quality. They want more, not less Sound quality. If less was the goal, then everyone would be chucking their Records and CD's, for SACD/DVD-Audio Disks! That is simply not reality, SACD/DVD-Audio are going out of business, because no one will buy them. Slightly better, is not good enough! Better to go without, than to settle for slightly better!
Hail to the holy Tvad grail of audio and now the english language. Has he reached the 3,000th bloviation on this site alone. I know he is on others, just loves to see his name and expressions in print. Simple amazing !!
Lithojoe, If I were to read 100 of TVAD's posts I would certainly get some positive information I can use or, if nothing else, an intelligent POV. So I benefit from his existence. So I read his posts.

Why should I read yours?
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I give up! The Recording Industry is Steam-Rolling over Sound Quality, as the rest of us are wrapped up in petty bickering! I can just hear us complaining with each other as we all are being squeezed flatter than a pancake!
" Look, it's K-K-K-Kenny, coming to K-K-K-Kill me! "
I have never heard a more apathetic, and nit-picking bunch! Oh, it's just the Market! Oh, we are not the Demographic that the Recording Industry is interested in! It's a hopeless cause this, it's a hopeless cause that! As if we all existed in a vacuum, or perhaps the World exists. and we are the vacuum! If you want to suck, do it on your own time! Me, I am going to find some way of nailing the Recording Industries carcass to the wall! No more crappy sounding CD's, no more slightly better than crappy sounding SACD/DVD-Audio! Sound Quality has hit rock bottom, even the sound on movie DVD's sounds three times better than CD, or hasn't anyone noticed! If you want to create a Market that leaves everyone hungry and starving for Sound Quality, then attach a leash to your neck! Me, I am going down standing on two feet! I refuse to be the Recording Industries Dog to be kicked around like a Mutt! This is one Demographic that is going to take MP3, and shove it deep in the Recording Industries back door! If you want to bury yourself in apathy, then get the hell out of my way! If you want a steady diet of nothing left, but MP3, constipated with it to the point that you would need a lifetime of exlax to survive, knock yourself out! I am not going there, and I am certainly not following anyone else there either! Just because everyone else is jumping off of a cliff......Awwww whats the use! Is it going to take an Emancipation Proclamation from the Recording Industry so that we are no longer their b__ch? Is there anyone out there that is not a Pig feeding from the Trough of the Record Industry? If there is, stand up and be counted as a Human Being! Surely there is someone out there with some pride in themselves! Even a 65 year old Novice can hear the difference, are you supposed to be part of the Demographic that can't?
08-07-09: Pettyofficer
I am going to find some way of nailing the Recording Industries carcass to the wall!...

I refuse to be the Recording Industries Dog to be kicked around like a Mutt! This is one Demographic that is going to take MP3, and shove it deep in the Recording Industries back door!
Please keep us posted with the details of your action plan, and how it works out.

There is an organization fighting the horrible compressed modern sound. So you CAN do something constructive about it. Many artists are becoming aware that their fans don't like the horrid sound of their work.
I think that the action plan should be to steam roll over those who are apathetic enablers of the Recording Industry. Lets see how they like it for a change! I can see that your apathetic action plan is to do nothing! I can already see how that is working out, thank you very much! Sound Quality is in the toilet, congradulations at your accomplishment, you must be proud! The view all the way from the bottom is quite impressive. Seems to me that I have got nothing to loose, and the only direction left is up. The first step, in any action plan, when in a quagmire, is to stop digging! I can see by your response, that you are not ready to set down the shovel yet! You, and just about everyone else! Well, that is the updated post! I guess the next detail of this, Highway to Hell, action plan ride of yours, is up to you! God help us, where do I get off of this Train? Under your action plan, can I still demand my Soul back from the Recording Industry, or are we all just damned? Why don't you keep me posted on that little detail? Will the Ninth level of Hell, have all of us eating and digesting CD/SACD/MP3 for all eternity? How many more crappy sounding Formats is it going to take before you realize that you are being hunted as an apathetic Prey! The first action plan should be to erase that Target off of your back! Just a suggestion, Cheers!
P.S.-"Another fine mess you have gotten us into"!
To reiterate the Pettyofficer Action Plan for Better Quality Recordings:

1) Steam roll over those who are apathetic enablers of the Recording Industry.
2) Stop digging.

Is there any reason why recording industry executives shouldn't welcome a dialogue with you toward finding a solution to better quality recordings?

You think that Recording Industry Executives are welcome to reasonable, thoughtful. and thorough dialog with anyone toward finding a solution to better recording quality? You have got to be kidding me! Can you listen to yourself? Sounds like a Flee trying to negotiate with Darth Vader, trying not to tick him off too much before being splattered! Tickling the Dragons Tail are we, sounds pretty touchy/feely to me! Just how does a Deer negotiate with a Hunter, trying to prevent him from pulling the trigger? I will say it one more time, how many more crappy Formats does it take before you realize that you are the apathetic Target of the latest shell game? What is the point of even considering an action plan, when the attitude is to give up without even concidering trying? Simple question, why don't you even want to concider trying? Seems to me that it is going to take every ounce of effort in my action plan, just to get anyone to even concider a change in direction! Attitude might be the first step, ya think? In fact, it seems to me that attitude is 98% of the problem, it is obvious that it is the biggest obstacle! You have certainly proven that to me! Your attitude seems to be to roll out the big red carpet for higher Record Industry Profits, and degrading Sound Quality. Must you be so enthusiastic about making sure that carpet is properly cleaned, pressed, and vacuumed? You can't even bring yourself to admit that the Recording Industry really pulled a fast one over you, in the last three mutated, and malformed Formats that they have pawned on you! Is Ego part of the problem? Can you set aside your Ego for five minutes, and take a clear look at what the Recording Industry has recently done to Americas prestigious History in Recorded Music? If I can get you to do that, gee, how much more action plan do you require of me, for moving a mountain? It is a lot of heavy lifting, and I could use some help! The flood waters are already at our necks, and you want a reasonable/thoughtful/thorough plan before anyone should take action! How about swimming for your life, if self preservation is an instinct that you possess!

08-08-09: Pettyofficer
Seems to me that it is going to take every ounce of effort in my action plan, just to get anyone to even concider a change in direction!

Thus far, you have no action plan. You do have lots of nonsensical ranting about how we're all music buying idiots, egomaniacs and victims.

It's difficult to reconcile your posts with the concept of constructive progress toward a solution to the problem you identify.

If you're trying to start a revolution, I believe the tone of your comments and your overall approach here lack persuasiveness, although they originate from a place of caring.

I'll leave it at that.

Yeah, I know, it is hard trying to get one person to care. Harder still, a multitude of enough people to even base a plan on. Part of any plan has to be to change peoples attitude, and even admit that a problem even exists. Plans can be based on the participation, attitude, and input from a multitude of people. What is the point if you can't even change the attitude of even one person? I just can not stand the idea that the Recording Industry wins, therefore we lose, where is the plan in that! Any plan would be better than just rolling over, and doing nothing! Even failure would be a better option, than just giving up! O.K.- your arguements are not lacking persuasiveness, your apathy wins me over! I will concede the point, do nothing is the best option, allowing some of our best loved Music deteriorate under Corporate Profits and Greed makes it easier for me as well! So why do I feel the desperate need to take a shower, I just took one an hour ago? I guess I will just have to get used to that slimy feeling, can't seem to scrub it off! Never thought that I would even have to try to persuade someone to save their own neck, or act in their own best interest, but there it is-literally cutting ones own nose off to spite their face! If that is the only exercise in futility that everyone prefers, so be it! I'm through!
Alright, I am not through, had you going for a minute! Imagine the Recording Industry as the Prosecution in a Court of Law, the American Buying Public as the Defendant, and supposing for a moment that I was the Defense Attourney. Now I am trying my best to represent my clients best interest, and save his own neck. My Client, Apathetic to no end, tries at every turn to pull out the rug, and undermine my case at every turn. Demands that the best Defense is to do nothing, don't try, just roll over! The Prosecution observes this with glee, and sees the door wide open to drive a Semi-Truck through! My Client simply rolls out the Red Carpet! Now, I am so heartbroken that everyone feels sooo Empathetic to boosting the Recording Industries Profits, even if it means cutting our own throats in Sound Quality to help them out in any way we can! This is certainly very Charitable, and conciderate of everyone! What is this, serving yourself up to Jack-The-Ripper because you feel sorry for him? I admire the sacrifice, even though I am kind of astonished at the plea to join in that sacrifice! You have got to be kidding me! What I want is suggestions, alternatives, plans, input to alter this condition, because your current plan is completely unacceptable(who are we kidding, it is completely nuts!). I will not accept physically being gutted by the Recording Industry like a Pig, simply because there is a lack of a plan for an alternative! I suggest you get off of your apathetic __s, and find one, because I refuse, unlike you, to be gutted! Hey, everyone, you don't have to fall on your Swords for the sake of Recording Industries Profits!
"But we don't have a plan for an alternative, therefore we just have to go through with it"!
Who do you think you are kidding, F-i-n-d a-n A-l-t-e-r-n-a-t-i-v-e, you have nothing else to loose! Perhaps you prefer Death to improved Sound Quality, well your Recording Industry Masters couldn't be happier. They feed their Profits on your Apathy, why do you want to offer them your Blood as well? What exactly is your exsisting plan, to start sacrificing Virgins to the Great Recording Industry Gods! Who wants to be first in line to offer up their Daughters, after all, according to you, it's a Priveledge. No Sacrifice is too great for the Recording Industries Profits! This is the status quo you prefer, because you are too apathetic to even try to help come up with an alternative plan? Well, I guess that the Daughter has just got to go then, no one else has a plan, gonna miss her! Damn those Demographics, it's all their fault!
Absolute Pure Sociopathic behavior, heavy on the Masochistic and Sadistic Elements. Come up with an alternate plan other than beating your own backs to a bloody pulp for the sake of Recording Indusry Profits. Start demanding higher Sound Quality Standards, what a clever Plan that is! What have I got to do, try to convince you that you might save a little Blood that way?
Now I am past the Event Horizon, there is no going back, God save my Soul!
why not he created it.
He also gave me free will, to take risks to lose my Soul if I so choose. I haven't always made the best of choices in this regard, perhaps I am not the only one. Pushing the Envelope, going past an Event Horizon without any chance of ever going back, is probably not the best of choices. It is sort of like God saying, "Now you have really done it, and you knew the risks, you are on your own"!
hi pettyofficer:

making a mountain out of a mole hill ?

take a course in anger management . it's not a big deal. if you don't like the product don't buy it.

take up another hobby. why don't you run for president in 2012 ?
Yeah, you are right. Best to spend Tens of thousands of dollars on a Stereo System than to spend even one dime more on something decent to play on such a behemouth! Bragging rights, hey, garbage in-garbage out! Who do you think you are kidding? Instead of a course in anger management, it would seem to me that most need serious Phsycological help with deep seated apathy bordering on suicidal tendencies. It is a big deal when a Product is being Monopolized, while having its Quality widdled down, its price being boosted along with profits. I keep on trying to tell everyone, that you are suppossed to be in the business of demanding higher value for the money. Something that the American Public seems to get with other commodities like houses, and cars and such. They used to get it when Records were popular, what a slide down hill it has been. The American buying Public has definitely come a 180 degrees in attitude towards Sound Quality since then. I think that it is reasonable to ask why? Since I have only one avenue to purchase Music, seems that I am along for the ride. It would be so much easier to accept your advice, drink the kool-aid and become lulled into another Reverend Jim Jones victim. Sounds peaceful and quiet, but then I see hundreds of Recording Industry Vultures gathering on branches. They caw, as they are looking for something to feed on. One of them swoops down on a carcass, and plucks an eye out of a decaying Skull! Sorry, Mrtennis, you get the kool-aid in the face, I sure as hell not drinking it!
I am going to say one last word on this subject, and that is it. Those of you who have decided to toss in the towel, and actually join in the Recording Industries attempts to cheapen Sound Quality to boost profits, are just confusing the Hell out of the rest of us struggling to get decent Sound Quality Value for the money! Is this your idea of, if you can't beat them, then join them? I haven't even heard from one person who even claims to represent the Recording Industry itself, it is obvious that they don't feel a need to do so! They have so many so called Audiophiles, brainwashed to do their dirty work for them! It's a hopeless cause, we are not the marketing demographic the Industry is interested in-it's all B.S. It is propaganda put out by the Recording Industry itself, they don't want you to be making judgement calls on Sound Quality yourself, and possibly cut into their Profits! It is conveniently profitable for them, if you pick up the apathetic baton and continue to pass the lie along! Your apathy is their greatest business gain! They make money off of you believing that your purchasing decisions have no real market value. That you have to just settle for whatever New crappy sounding Format that they want to dole out to you! I wouldn't even care, except that these Vultures are feeding off of your apathetic carcass, and pretty soon I will be next! Of course it is in my self interest, to persuade you that you do have value. It is unfortunate that you have chosen the Recording Industries version, that you don't have any real Market Value as a Human Being at all! Why you don't see how they benefit, and stuff their own pockets with more Profits, by you putting yourself down and cheapening your own Value! Imagine that, a Cow that not only marches itself to the slaughter house, but takes the gun and slaughters itself on cue! I am sure that the Masters of the slaughter house are astonished at their own good fortune, and are very pleased that they don't have to make any effort on their own part at all! Your apathy is a win, win situation for them, the cruxible is a lose, lose situation for you! My challenge to you is to dare you to stop making yourself a looser! Is that making a mountain out of a mole hill, sure, why not! I think you are worth it, I certainly know I am! If that makes me delusional, needing anger management, Don Quiote fighting windmills, call the guys with the white straight jackets. I am fighting for my own self worth, how about you? Do you really want the Recording Industry determining your own self worth? You will never get your soul back from them!
Whoa, dude! Slllooooow downnnnnnnnnnnn, I'm not sure about Kool-aid but methinks a chill-pill is in order.
I'm as cool as a cucumber, my challenge still stands. I dare anyone to stop making yourself a loser, to stop devalueing yourself for the sake of Recording Industry Profits. You are not just bringing yourself down, you are bringing the rest of us down with you. Start taking some pride in yourself and live, stop feeding the Recording Industry Vultures with your dead carcass of apathy. They don't need your help, they are fat enough already. It is waaaaaayyyyy past time for everyone to cut the strings of these Puppet Masters! Contrary to the latest intellectual thought, that coincidentally stuffs the pockets of your Recording Industry Masters, you do not exist in a vacuum! You do have purchasing power! Just how much exactly have you spent on your Stereo System, Just a tad more than the Teenager on his latest MP3 Player? Yet, according to your Recording Industry Masters, as far as the Market is concerned, you don't count! It is nothing more than an illusion, a shell game, smoke and mirrors, anything to get you to devalue your own self worth! It even sounds intellectual, but there is money to be had in this exercise in intellectual apathy, and it is not you that will be making it! Losing it is the likely outcome, don't you think that it is time, that you ask yourself, who you are losing it to? Devalueing Sound Quality cost you Money! Devalueing your own Market self worth, and Purchasing Power, costs you Money! Applying an apathetic intelectual exercise to yourself, costs you Money! Who stands to Profit, if not your Recording Industry Masters? Three Digital Formats have been introduced in the last 30 years, not one of them sounds as good as the earlier Analog Record. By anyones account, with anything else, these things would have been sent back to the Manufacturer as defects, a long-long-long time ago!
hi pettyofficer:

i question your priorities. you have expended a lot of energy on something rather trivial. are you this passionate about everything , or just sound quality of recordings ?

you may get a heart attack if you continue your rant.

again it is a waste of your valuable energy.

Pettyofficer...I like it... long time passing in need for a good rant about your concerns... rave on! John Donne, rave on! Pettyofficer... wake up them up!!!!!


Happy listening,


If it is truly my valuable energy, then I can waste it anyway I please! What I don't understand, Mrtennis, is the huge concern that is invested in the High End Quality of a $10,000.00 Stereo System, and the huge disparity when compared to the rather trivial concern of Sound Quality of Recordings! There is a gap as wide as the Grand Canyon here, that you say doesn't exist? Is the idea to spend 10-50 thousand dollars on a System to take that cheap CD/SACD/DVD-Audio disk and make it sing like a Mercury Living Presence Record? At some point, you have to face reality! Gravity is very real, you are not living in the Land of OZ, and you are not going to get one over, "Garbage in-Garbage Out" no matter how much you spend! Why spend so much on such a boondoggle of a Stereo System, just to feed it trivial Sound Quality Recordings? What in the World is your point, stick a Volkswagon Engine in a Lamborgine Coutach, now you have got to sell it, sell it! The problem is, Mrtennis, is that you are indeed buying it, hook, line , and sinker! That is not the end of the problem, Marketwise, you are dragging the rest of us down with you! You are even willing to make so-called intellectual excuses to protect your investment in your collection of High Quality (SIC) Digital Recordings! You are not ready to admit that your Recording Industry Masters have stabbed you in the back with CD/SACD/DVD-Audio! We are all supposed to pretend to ignore that knife sticking out! Are you really going to make me twist it, just to prove to you that it really is there? I would rather much, just take it out, but you and your Recording Industry Masters would probably just hammer me for it!
Let me see, should the priority be on the Garbage in, or on the Garbage out? I don't know, I would say Garbage in, but what do I know? I have my priorities screwed up! I guess you could start with Garbage out, and work your way backwards, that is if you have $20,000.00 to throw away on a Stereo System that you can't quite get it to sound right!
No Heart Attack yet, don't fret, I will continue to expend more energy working on it!
hi pettyofficer:

your concern about "other" audiophiles reminds me of an officious boss. you should be concerned about yourself and not so concerned about what other people do.
Oh, I am surely interested in who is stabbing you in the back! You think that I am going to turn my back on them-nuts! I have every right to be concerned, and watch out for my own back, thank-you very much! Not that I need your permission! Now there is a Mafia Code of Silence for the Recording Industry! Hey, Mrtennis, this is reality, not a Godfather Movie! Unless you plan on putting a horses head in my bed! You gonna break my legs too, Vinnie! Keep your freinds close, but keep your enemies closer! Whoaaa- I'm scared!
hi pettyofficer:

keep up the rant. maybe the men in the white coats will take you away. i think you should join o/c anonymous.
oh god mrtennis give the new age bovine-schiza a rest... pettyofficer is raging/raising a wholly legit point... whether or not you like his style is beside the point... having said that, I like the style because it "emotionalizes" something I feel strong emotions about... music, and the quality of its reproduction... which can be so very very frustrating to get reasonably right because of the source material most of us deal with...

:) listening,