Can digital and analogue plugged together

What happens when CDP/DAC/transport is plugged into the same 120 vac line as pre/amps etc. Is digital noise really being induced into the analogue equipment and if so what can be done about ?
My thought is an isolation transformer 120/120 feeding only the digital equipment and analogue equipment plugged in parallel to the isolation transformer, all being into the same dedicated 20 amps line.
I achieved very impressive results by running my DAC and transport into a Monarchy Audio AC Regenerator and using an AC power filter on the other components. YMMV.
Unless you own poorly designed CDP/analog amps they should both be able to plug into the same outlet and still perform according to specifications (Not surprisingly, most equipment is designed such that there is no transfer of noise between devices through the mains; power supply circuits sit between the mains and the audio circuitry on all these devices)