Can different brands of subs be integrated?

I have an ACI Titan II LE. I'm in week 3 of ACI's 30 day home trial. This sub is great for music but could use a little more output for home theater in my set-up. I have an NHT Sub Two ( dual 10") coming this week. It will either 1) Replace the ACI if found to be an improvement 2) Go into a second home theater or 3) Be used to supplement the output of the ACI for home theater. A question I have is can I use these two subs at the same time for home theater and revert to the Titan when just listening to music? If so, how? I want to use what I have and NOT purchase another Titan II LE. Two of the upcoming 10" ACI subs might be an option too. The room is 18' 3" D x 21' W x 8' H with 3 open doorways-the largest being 7' W. A real challenge.
No real difference than running any other speaker. You can run 1 sub out of your sub output, 1 out of tape monitor out, I am assuming both subs have variable outputs and xvers so that you can adjust and blend them to each other, the other speakers and the room. Matching subs would probably be easier, but I don't see a big problem. You could run 10 that way if you wish, as long as you have enough output from your preamp/source. You must like your bass.
Roger, i don't see a problem with doing what you want to do. It would be nice to have a processor with different bass settings for your different modes ( stereo vs ht, etc..), wouldn't it ? Unless you have the capablility to do such or have dual subwoofer output jacks, you'll have to split the signal coming out of the preamp with a Y cord or adapter and run seperate lines. Outside of having the seperate settings, the only alternative that i see is to either manually adjust for the different modes or set up one sub for music and then bring in the second sub for movies. As such, you could dial in the second ( less articulate sounding ) sub for movies with slightly more boost and leave the one ( better sounding ) sub on all the time for music.

Personally, i would prefer and recommend using identical subs as i think this works better. I have "mixed and matched" before though, so it can be done so long as you have patience and are willing to tinker with various settings. Sean