Can connecting 2 XLR cables together degrade sound

I am using a 2 meter Synergistic Resolution refernece Mk11 XLR Cable from my Preamp to Amp.

I would like to move my amp and then I would require a longer cable about 3 meters long total.

I can find used a 1 meter cable XLR of the same kind.

Will connecting a 2 meter and a 1 meter XLR of the same type Cable together be a bad thing ???
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In my opinion the more connections there are the greater the likelihood of minor sound change. It might not be noticable, only you can tell if the difference bothers you.

You might find it cheaper to sell your existing cables and purchase a used 2 meter pair.

Also to answer your question ,in my opinion, yes. One must consider the fact you are not only increasing the number of solder joints between your amp and pre amp and the connection itself will not have the same properties as a solid wire.

Don't plug the two together, bad idea. Sell the shorter ones and get the length you need, even if you have to go to a less expensive brand of cable.