Can Computers add noise to home electrical system

I just read something that some audiophiles feel home computers can add noise to your homes entire electrical system, despite having dedicated lines for Audio, and their may be some benefit from trying to isolate noise where your home computer is set up, with something along the lines of maybe quite lines, a noise hound , or an ultimate outlet. I am going to try this , but wonder if anyone ever experimented with this . Regards.

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Get dedicated lines, guys!
Darrylhifi - I did and it's rubbish what you read about computers causing problems in spite of dedicated lines for your audio. That would mean that your neighbours' computers and other gear as well would inflict your line because they all are sucking from the same transformer in the block. Not really. But: I used to have trouble even with my fridge coming on and causing quite some clicks while listening with gear on the same line. After installing two dedicated lines - one for the frontend and one for the amps - all that spooky stuff is over. That does NOT mean that I would not run f.e. PS-Audio PowerPlants which I do. But dedicated lines definitely are the first step to get rid of trouble caused by other gear in the household. And they are good value, too!
Thanx and good luck!