Can component video send 720p or only dvi/hdmi?

I am not a videophile if you couldn't tell from my question but am asking my audiogon friends for a little help. I am helping my dad with a high definition television/dvd set up. My question is when connecting a dvd player that sends 720p to a high definition television can that signal be sent via component video? I know it can be sent via dvi or hdmi connection. I would appreciate if the video experts could help me out. I am leaning the way of the samsung 941 that will supposedly be out next month. Any recommendations are always appreciated. Thanks guys.
Yes, component video (3-5 cables) will pass 720p/1080i in analog. DVI/HDMI do it digitally.
Suggest you check and see if the PLAYER passes 720p through the component outs. It MAY not be designed or capable of doing that.
I've got the Samsung 841 and I'm "pretty sure" (would take a bet for a beer from anyone!) it only passes the higher resolution signals (720p/1080i) through the DVI output only.
If the player can do both is there an advantage to using one over the other. I am considering acoustic zen silver byte component video or possibly one of the higher end audioquest component cables. I don't know if the new Samsung 941 passes the 720p/1080i, if anyone knows please share the info. Thanks guys. I really appreciate it.
My understanding is the DVD Consortium, if that is the right name, does not allow any upconversion over component outs, and does not allow upconversions over DVI/HDMI unless it is HDCP protected.

I have read about a couple of players that do upconvert; i.e., output in a format greater than 480i/480p, over component outputs, such as Momitsu(sp?) and Zenith, but a lawsuit was recently field against these companies over this.

My recommendation is to go with HDCP compatible DVI/HDMI if you want upconversion.

My Samsung HD-1000 up-converts 720p and 1080i via the Component out. It also has stellar CD/DVD-A capability weighing in at a hefty 45 lbs.

It's a keeper,

Does anyone think that using a DVI to component adaptor will work? I plan of getting the Samsung 841 to connect it to my Mitsubishi HDTV which only has component input.