Can clicks and pops blow a tweeter?

I picked up a very good recording of the 1812 overture and selections of Bordine, Mousgoursky, and Rimsky Korsakov (Vox STPL 511 . 690), At the Goodwill for 50 cents.The problem is that I didn't notice a very small nick that makes a pretty loud pop for 2 revolutions and a click for one more. I was wondering if this kind of signal produces the tweeter blowing distortion or not?

The Details ( please skip this if you know)

I don't play it extremely loud while I am in exile only nearfield. I do play it loud enough to get the excitement and wild dynamics in these pieces. The speakers are new Hyperion 585s with 1 inch? fabric tweeters set back in a short wave guide? type horn. The sensitivity is lowish about 86Db and the amp is a refurbed Fisher 400, not sure of the rated power. The output is two 7868s in PP. I am telling you all this because I'm bereft of my Rat Shack SPL meter at the moment. I turn it up as much as 12 O'Clock.

The question is- are clicks and pops weapons of speaker destruction? Thanks for your thoughts.
Clicks and pops on an LP are not going to blow a tweeter.
The big pop from an LP may be a warning (if it is actually a pinprick type of damage in the vinyl) that the LP is gonna rip the tip off your cartridge! but most scratches will not damage the stylus tip.
But if you are playing an LP at normal levels and a kaboom hits you from a bad scratch, nothing bad is gonna happen to your speakers.
If you are playing the Lp at maxxed out levels and the KABOOM!!! makes you deaf for a second with ringing in your ears... I would than worry about the speakers, more the woofers and mids than the tweeters!
Well, yes and no. Clicks and pops will not blow a tweeter, however the rise time of clicks and the fact that a lot of their energy is ultrasonic, coupled with an ultrasonic rise in an undamped MC cartridge, could make an unstable amp ring on the waveform, sending lots of ultrasonic energy to the tweeter, heating the voice coil and, ultimately killing it. More than possible, but not too likely.
I've never heard of anyone blowing their tweeters with clicks and pops, but statics will.
According to some old literature I have, the Fisher 400 is rated at 28 watts rms per channel, and "65 watts music power" (which based on how power ratings tended to be defined in those days, I would interpret to mean the sum of the short-term dynamic power capability of both channels).

So it would seem safe to assume that the maximum short-term power capability of the amp is in the area of 30 to 40 watts per channel. My impression is that most quality 1" soft dome tweeters are rated to handle considerably more than that on a short-term basis.

-- Al
Thanks for the specs Al. I had a hard time finding them. Hmm 28 WPC thats pretty good out of those modded EL-84s.
I assume the amp runs pretty hard and I will be struggling to find good NOS 7868s sooner than I would want. The new ones you might already know have a larger base and stretch out the tube socket. So once you use the new ones you can only use them, unless you get the tube socket replaced.