Can classe HT amps do music well?

Question for users of Classe SSP-25 or the new SSP-30 processor/pre-amp. With the analog by-pass, how good are these processors as 2-channel music pre-amps?
My SSP-30 sounds better than my CP-45!
I'll second that. I used to use a Bryston 0.5B and my Classe SSP-25 is much much smoother - I love it.
The classe ssp-30 is a great sounding pre-amp. By using the external 7.1 input you can still have an analog bypass. I replaced my Vtl deluxe but still use it as my phono amp.The classe makes the Vtl phono stage sound like a new,much more expensive upgrade.The classe is so clean and free of distortion that inner detail and spatial clues pour forth,everything you play sounds like your hearing it for the first time.I was afraid that replacing my tube pre-amp with a solid state device might cost me warmth and lost depth of soundstage but it proved to be right the opposite.Simply put this unit is fantastic and thats only as far as my turntables performance goes.What it did for my cd playback with its internal dacs is just as amazing.And this was right out of the box,no need for burn in or extented play time,it sounded great from day one.Its surround sound performance is equally impressive.If your looking for that mythical beast that can do justice to two channel playback and home theater run dont walk to your nearest dealer and listen to the Classe SSP30
Has anyone noticed a problem with the SSP-30 'losing the signal' between layers on a DVD...or missing a split second on the beginning of CD tracks when using the SSP-30's onboard DAC's? I am considering this product, but this seems to be a concern with other surround it a problem with this one?