Can cary slp-03 work with 120S?

Hey guys I am currently bought a new cary 120s not 120sMK2 I ended up getting a way better deal with the s over the MK2. My budget is I can trade my sli-80 for the slp-03 and only have to only pay a $1000 for the preamp. I was plannig to buy a cary slp-98P. But having car troubles so have to buy a new car now! Priorates! My big question will the SLP-03 work well with the 120s other then the Absolute sound review" has any one tried it?
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The Cary SLP-03 should work fine with the Cary CAD 120S. Cary came out with the mk II version of the 120S because other manufacturers preamps had lower gain levels, which were unsuitable for the original 120S. The only difference between the 120S and 120S mk II is that the 120S mk II has more gain.

All Cary preamps have plenty of gain, so the original 120S would probably mate better with any Cary preamp than the 120S mk II version would, as the extra gain in the mk II version would not be needed with the amount of gain that the Cary preamps put out..
Look for an Emotive Pre, great match.
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I have the CAD 120's, and I promise you the SLP98 will work perfectly with it. It's hard to do but try to wait for the 98P if you can afford one. The CAD 120's is an excellent amp.