Can belt driven table mimickingdirect drive . . .

. . . If you use a system like a Phoenix Engineering PSU Eagle with their tachometer?

i just purchased and installed this on my VPI Scout. I run a Dynavector 20x2L to a Parasound JC3+ via PAD venustas phono interconnects. The sound was pretty good but I think by adding the Phoenix equipment is seems to have picked up pace, piano notes are more natural and string bass notes have a touch more definition. Is this what a direct drive table sounds like. 
The answer is... sort of, in my opinion.  Without a doubt, a well designed and properly implemented motor control system will dramatically improve the sound from a good belt-drive turntable that did not previously use such an ancillary device to control its motor.  (This is based on personal experience with my home audio system.) And that turntable would then approximate the good qualities of a good direct-drive turntable.  Yes, what you are hearing is probably what the rest of us who generally prefer direct- or idler-drive turntables is hearing.  I went from belt-drive to motor-controlled belt-drive to idler-drive and direct-drive, more or less in that order.  And while I prefer top quality direct-drive turntables, I would never say that ALL direct-drive turntables are as good as or better than the best belt-drive plus motor controller combinations.   
In my mind it seems like your getting the best from both worlds - at least in the cost bracket I'm living with.  I cant really talk about esoteric stuff since I've never even heard any, but a detached belt motor with a control system seems to be a great finishing point for me with this turntable.  I'm just curious what else a direct drive TT of equal quality to the belt system with motor control would have over it, if anything.
There is no such thing as getting the best of both worlds without some of the issues of both worlds, but in the end you would have to form your own opinion by listening to a very good direct-drive turntable in your own system, side by side with your "controlled" belt-drive, and decide for yourself.  Even then, the outcome would depend upon the particular choice of the comparator direct-drive, what other ancillary equipment you own, the type of music you prefer, etc.  You made a big upgrade to the performance of your present tt.  My advice would be to enjoy it, and don't worry about the alternatives for a while. 
A good belt drive TT sounds better than a poor direct-drive and vice versa. When you feel that a TT produces music your worries are over.
I just got my VPI Prime in and hooked up with the motor controller. 

Pretty amazing TT. A different league than the scout.